The Pokemon Halloween Collection 2022 Will Take All Your Money

The Pokemon Halloween Collection 2022 Will Take All Your Money
Images: The Pokemon Company

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Joseph Kime


19th Aug 2022 10:39

Pokemon collectables have always been a leech on the pockets of nerds. Few franchises are as merchandisable as Pokemon, with cute and badass beasts in equal measures ripe for transformation into marketable plushies, mugs, t-shirts, keyrings… the list goes on.

The merchandising of Pocket Monsters has been a huge part of the games' success, anime, and more. As fans continue to show up in their droves for Pokemon Centers and pop-up shops, they give The Pokemon Company little reason to slow down. As the holiday lines begin to roll out, the Pokemon Halloween collection 2022 proves that we'll always be the company's pawns.

What Is In The Pokemon Halloween Collection 2022?

The Pokemon Halloween Collection 2022 Will Have You Spending All Your Money
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Pokemon has officially revealed its Halloween Harvest Festival merchandise line, and it looks like we'll be spending all of our money on it. Great. The new products feature plushies wearing Thanksgiving hats, a Pikachu plush draped in autumnal leaves, and a pumpkin mug that is designed to look like a Pikachu face is carved into it.

Sticking with the spooky theming, the drop is also offering a Gengar nightlight with interchangeable faces - perfect for any gaming setup. It all looks incredibly cosy, coming with a Zorua hoodie and a crewneck that'll no doubt keep you toasty as the autumn nip comes in.

Rounding off the Pokemon Halloween collection 2022, we've got a Pumpkaboo mascot, cookie moulds for all your baking needs, and a Halloween Harvest Festival pin. Even though the Pokemon Halloween collection 2022 isn't particularly spooky, it's still damn cute. Now that it's been unveiled, we're risking serious import fees on getting these suckers in from Japan.


When Does The Pokemon Halloween Merch Drop?

The new line of Pokemon merch is launching on September 3 this year, meaning we haven't got long to wait until the lovely new items drop. They will be coming from Japan, so that's worth bearing in mind if the shipping costs are on top of the already extortionate plushies - but if it's worth it for you, get ordering then.

Following the Pokemon Halloween collection 2022 release in Japanese Pokemon Centers, it'll be arriving on Amazon Japan a few days later. There's a chance it'll be coming to international Pokemon stores, but if not, Meccha Japan is apparently your best bet to catch 'em all. The number of Ghost Pokemon is sure to grow with Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, but for the time being, we're sticking with some spooky staples. Now if you'll excuse us, we've got far too much money to spend on seasonal stuff. 

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