Sukkono: The Spelling Mistake That Cost Twitch A Multi-Million Dollar Signing

Sukkono: The Spelling Mistake That Cost Twitch A Multi-Million Dollar Signing
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Jack Marsh


4th May 2022 13:46

If anyone has ever tuned in to a "Sykkuno" stream, you’ll quickly understand that he is the world's friendliest content creator, and despite having a devilish double/triple/quadruple-bluff in Among Us, it would take a lot to make him upset or angry.

Having risen in popularity through Among Us, namely within lobbies containing Rachel "Valkyrae" Hofstetter, Jeremy "Disguised Toast" Wang, and "Corpse Husband", Sykkuno has grown to be within the top 50 streamers on Twitch, both in terms of concurrent viewership throughout this year and all-time followers.

However, with his contract on the platform up, he’s now followed some of his household Among Us and Offline TV friends in signing on another platform, and this time, it was Twitch themselves whose offensive spelling mistake pushed the streamer away.

Sykkuno Signs Deal To Move To YouTube

After seeing Disguised Toast claim that five more streamers are on the move to YouTube, all eyes were on Sykkuno, whose platform announcement was imminent. To no surprise, the friendly face appeared on a broadcast on May 2, revealing a switch to YouTube.

Having already passed 3.3million views on his Twitter announcement alone, the Sykkuno now joins an elite list of creators who have made the switch such as Tim "TimTheTatman" Betar and Jack "CouRage" Dunlop.

His first stream on YouTube has already smashed 900,000 views, as he talked through the move before playing the new party game Just Act Natural and joining his usual crew on Among Us.


Twitch Spelling Mistake Offended Sykkuno

It wasn’t just about following suit for Sykkuno though, as Twitch’s bid to keep his signature was likely very tempting until they showed just how much they actually cared.

Talking to his stream, on YouTube, Sykkuno revealed that representatives from Twitch actually spelt his name wrong in official emails discussing a potential contract, branding him as Sukkuno. 

As far as spelling mistakes go, the error came across more like a playground insult from Twitch, telling him that he sucks. After originally offering him a garbage offer, Sykkuno revealed that their customer service drove him over the edge to YouTube lane.

"I was shocked. Everyone thinks that they have this reputation for giving garbage offers. And they did give me one until they upgraded it to a much better one," he said. "I was almost ready to go - they 'cared'. I think it’s because maybe Ludwig had left already and, you know, they were kind of afraid."

Then came the error. "I’m supposed to be the 28th highest earning creator on the platform, the 45th most followed of all time on the platform, and they called me Sukkuno. In an official email. I mean maybe I have too big an ego or something, but I was shocked. I legit thought I was getting scammed. I was afraid to click this email. I don’t know if I’m taking it too much, but they couldn’t even spell my name right," he continued in a rant.

Thankfully, YouTube has become quite a successful platform for Sykkuno in recent months, and will likely become a steady home for the engaging content creator to continue his rapidly-growing brand.


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