Streamer Devastated After Accidentally Deleting Of All His Followers

Streamer Devastated After Accidentally Deleting Of All His Followers
Image Credit: Evan Gao | Instagram | Twitch

Written by 

Emma Hill


21st Jan 2022 16:52

In a real moment of tragedy, small streamer Evan Gao was heart-broken to learn he had accidentally purged himself of his entire follower base.

Building a Twitch empire certainly isn't easy. Streamers can hack away for months or even years at a time to build an impressive collection of followers while having to compete with their rivals. All of whom are also out to match the success of big-name content creators like Matthew "Mizkif" Rinaudo, Imane "Pokimane" Anys, and Felix "xQc" Lengyel. 

So, you can just imagine the utter heart break of Evan Gao, who was devastated to learn that he had completely purged his Twitch account of every single one of his followers. All because he was trying to delete a couple of bot accounts. 

How Did Evan Gao Delete All His Followers?

During a stream on January 21, Evan Gao decided to delete some pesky bot accounts that had started to follow him, all between 8 and 8:15 AM that day. To help keep the process smooth, he decided to use Twitch Tools by Commander Root to delete the accounts. However, he made one fatal flaw. Gao mistakenly didn't apply a very important filter which would only delete the bot accounts. As a result, he deleted all 6768 of his loyal followers.

Gao's reaction to the heart-breaking news was captured in its entirety on his stream and, as you can imagine, he was devastated. Throwing his head back in turmoil, Gao screamed: "Dude! Are you kidding me? Is there a way to undo that?" He was horrified to learn that all had forgotten to do was click 'apply filters' and, subsequently, removed every member of his loyal fanbase.

How Did Fans React To Evan Gao Deleting All His Followers? 

In true glorious fashion, it wasn't long before the clip found its way onto the Livestream Fail subreddit and quickly gained a great deal of attention. Fans shared their well wishes in abundance, with some commenting on just how deep the repercussions such a mistake can be for a small streamer. For example, one viewer said: "Losing your followers as a small streamer is actually really bad lmao, 95% of those 6k followers are going to forget he exists and never find him again."

Livestream fail has been able to catch a wide variety of recorded fails over the years. If it's not Pokimane accidentally stumbling onto an "explicit" Food Wars episode, then it's another streamer being told to "keep the noise down" in front of hundreds of fans. There can also be incredibly wholesome moments, like when Tyler "Trainwrecks" Niknam gifted a whopping amount of money to the parent of one of his fellow streamers. 

Unfortunately, on this occasion, Gao managed to capture an incredibly embarrassing moment on his stream. However, fans have flocked to watching the clip online and brought attention to the issue. As of writing, has already managed to gain back more than 1.4k followers in less than 13 hours.  


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