Streamer Claims Hot Tub Streams 'Not As Shameless As The TV Show Meta'

Streamer Claims Hot Tub Streams 'Not As Shameless As The TV Show Meta'
Image Credit: Melina | YouTube

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Emma Hill


10th Jan 2022 17:25

Yet another voice has been added to the whole Twitch DMCA drama which is circulating around the internet, as Swedish streamer Melina has criticised content creators who livestream TV shows and films.

For those who don't know, social media is currently all ablaze with debate following Twitch's crackdown on creators livestreaming copyrighted material in their content. The result has led to some of the most famous streamers around having a brush with Twitch. For example, Hasan "HasanAbi" Piker received a warning for watching MasterChef and fan favourite Imane "Pokimane" Anys ended up getting her first ever ban from the platform for watching Avatar: The Last Airbender

While it is not entirely clear as to why Twitch is clamping down hard on streamers who breach copyright laws, although some are pointing the finger at Ludwig "Ludwig" Ahgren, no one can deny that it has sparked a divisive debate online. Now, one streamer Melina "Melina" Göransson has shared her views and claims that TV show react streamers are 'stealing' other people's content to 'make money'. 

What Did Melina Say About People Who Livestream TV Shows?

Taking to Twitter on January 8, Melina claimed: "You all have to agree, the hot tub streams are not even close to as shameless as the streamers watching tv shows and movies. straight up stealing others content and making money." The viral tweet prompted a conflicting debate online with some fans supporting her critique of TV show react streamers, whereas others disagreed. As one fan claimed: "It’s not stealing. No one is watching Pokimane watch Avatar because they’ve never seen avatar before. They were watching because they want to see her reaction to the show that most of the viewers saw 10 years ago". 

Melina's tweet comes following the continuous criticism that hot tub streamers, like Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa, face on a daily basis. When the tweet appeared on Reddit, one fan claimed: "If anything the hot tub streams, gambling streams, shady back-alley NFT deals, and streaming TV shows and movies all these together is gonna cause the first Twitch adpocalypse, since they have the same core issue, Twitch staff straight up not caring about what happens on their site."

What Else Has Melina Said About The Current Discourse?

As of writing, there's been no word on Melina's on her social media page about her comments, despite some calling on her to apologise for being wrong. For example, one fan on Twitter was quick to point out: "Reaction content has existed for years melina. Everyone does it." Whereas another stressed that "hot tub streams aren’t shameless either."

Things may seem quiet from Melina for now. However, the argument surrounding streamers using copyrighted material in their content continues to circulate the internet. Not to mention, as the impact of Pokimane's ban still has many a streamer's pulse racing, many are questioning what the future of Twitch streaming could hold. 


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