AbleGamers COO Steven Spohn has claimed the crown on Fall Guys using a specially adapted hat controller.

12:56, 11 Sep 2020

Fall Guys; Ultimate Knockout just took a big step forward in terms of inclusion as AbleGamers COO Steven Spohn has conquered the bouncy battle royale blockbuster using a hat. That's right, Spohn has used a specially adapted hat that's turned his headwear into a controller to accommodate his disability. 

For those who haven't heard of Spohn, there was a bit of an outcry back in 2017 when Dr Disrespect was given the Trending Gamer prize at the 2017 Game Awards, with many saying Spohn's contribution to disability gaming should've seen him take the crown.

These days, Spohn is still massively active in the community and even worked with Microsoft to help develop the Xbox Adaptive Controller. Proving that nothing can get in his way, Spohn took a leaf out of TimTheTatMan's book and decided he was going to climb the Fall Guys mountain.


Spohn has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which means playing typical video games can be tough due to the way the condition affects his muscles and spinal nerves. Still, this didn't stop him taking on all the fast-paced action of Fall Guys. We're going to repeat ourselves again. Spohn did this, with just a hat!

Posting on Twitter, Spohn showed off this amazing feat and his victory over the final round and a quick dash up Fall Mountain. While most of us struggle to even qualify for the final round, Spohn barely broke a sweat as he trounced the competition and rightly took first place.

According to Spohn, his modified hat controller makes use of infrared sensors that read his movements and make his bean move. AbleGamers has made a push to see this kind of technology become more commonplace in the industry. Among his supporters are the likes of Ryan Reynolds, who previously teamed up with AbleGamers.

Considering how hard Fall Mountain is, we've got to tip our "hats" to Spohn overcoming what was thrown his way. Hopefully, will inspire more players with disabilities to take on Fall Guys and challenge Mediatonic's tricky party game. Either way, it's a well-deserved win.

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Images via Steven Spohn | Mediatonic

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