Shroud 'Disappointed' By Bug-Riddled DMZ Mode

Shroud 'Disappointed' By Bug-Riddled DMZ Mode
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Jack Marsh


11th Nov 2022 11:53

The upcoming DMZ mode in Modern Warfare 2 is attracting quite a lot of attention and hype around it, with the Escape-From-Tarkov-esque game mode set to be one of the most in-depth Call of Duty experiences yet. 

But with extreme excitement comes cautious scepticism, and some huge industry figures that are specialists in more than just CoD are starting to worry that the mode won't be able to compete in this new genre.

One of these is Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek, who is one of the few content creators that have been able to play test DMZ early. Despite the prestigious invitation to Infinity Ward's red-carpet event, Shroud has now confessed his disappointment at the mode, claiming that it, "Doesn't Come Close To Tarkov".

Shroud Claims MW2 DMZ Mode Doesn't Come Close To Tarkov

"This is pretty much a touched-up Plunder," claimed Shroud, during his play test live from Infinity Ward HQ. The open-world specialist then implied that the mode was basically Warzone with no people, given that they spent the majority of their time in DMZ looting AI-held strongholds for cash.  

"I'm a little disappointed," Shroud admitted, adding, "I was hoping it'd be more gritty, a little more hardcore. It seems to be… well, CoD," he continued.

The general fear about DMZ is that it would be "Call of Duty-fied," adding an arcade stylistic to a genre that thrives on realism and patience. Instead, the early tests felt like the same old action for the Call of Duty scene, leaving Shroud wanting more.  "It's not even close to Tarkov. You can't even say this is Tarkov but casual because it's not even in the same realm".

Shroud Disappointed By Buggy DMZ Mode

Not only was the game not to Shroud's expectations, but DMZ was also riddled with bugs and exploits. With just one week until the DMZ release, the streamer has feared the worst. 

Having been forced to exit DMZ due to an easily accessible yet game-breaking money exploit, Shroud said that the developers had put more effort into the content creators' real-life care packages than the mode itself. 

More bugs later caused Shroud's whole trio (himself, Jack "CouRage" Dunlop, and Hannah "Bnans" Kennedy) to die, which only infuriated Shroud further. The DMZ mode is set to come with Modern Warfare 2 Season 1, although it might need a stern look-over to ensure it's ready for action.

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