MW2 DMZ Release Date

MW2 DMZ Release Date
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Harry Boulton


10th Nov 2022 15:27

The MW2 DMZ release date is just around the corner, but it is a good idea to know exactly when to jump into the new and exciting game mode. This will be the first appearance of the DMZ game mode in Modern Warfare 2, as it joins Warzone as an exciting new way to play. So, to find out the MW2 DMZ release date, make sure to continue reading the rest of this guide.

MW2 DMZ Release Date

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The MW2 DMZ release date is scheduled for November 16, so there is really not long to wait now until you can get your hands on it. While there hasn't been a specific time schedule outlined for DMZ, we can quite confidently presume that it will be the same as the Warzone 2 release date.

Therefore, it will most likely abide by the following schedule of events:

  • Pre-Load: November 14, 10AM PT/6PM GMT
  • DMZ Release Time: November 16, 10AM PT/6PM GMT

The preload for DMZ might be bundled in with the Warzone 2 preload, as they are seemingly operating under the same umbrella, so hopefully, you won't have to do two separate downloads and launches. 

While we don't have much information in regards to the content that is being released with the DMZ, we did get a bit of a sneak peek at the new game mode on November 9 to see what is in store for us. As expected, it is an Extraction Shooter in the style of something like Escape From Tarkov, where you go in with a pre-determined loadout, complete quests and find loot, and then try to escape with your life still intact.

We have only seen one map so far, and only a brief glimpse of what the game mode has to offer, so we will have to wait until the MW2 DMZ release date to find out the rest of the details.

So, that wraps up this guide on the MW2 DMZ release date, letting you know all the details of when you can jump into the new extraction-style game mode. If you're looking to polish your multiplayer skills in the meantime though, don't miss our best MW2 M4 class guide.

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