Call of Duty pro apologises for using a gay slur

Call of Duty pro apologises for using a gay slur
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Jack Marsh


20th Oct 2023 14:57

Popular Call of Duty content creator and former professional player Doug "Censor" Martin has called an emergency meeting to self-report himself using homophobic language.

Censor, now of Boston Breach Academy and previously of organisations like FaZe Clan and OpTic, is a rather vocal and passionate Call of Duty star.

But in his latest social media debacle, Censor has apologised for using a gay slur whilst in a heated round of Modern Warfare 2.

Censor caught using homophobic slurs in Modern Warfare 2 Ranked match

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Censor isn't shy to controversy and previously had run-ins with Warzone streamer Nadia "Nadia" Amine which ended in a bizarre and rather insensitive proposal. 

Recently though, the two-time CoD champion was caught in a word-slinging match during a Modern Warfare 2 Ranked game with a teammate, where things went too far.

"I don’t respect you period you suck d**k at the game. B***h. F**k off p***y," Censor said in the open-mic game chat. "Unfollow me on social media too you little fucking f****t," he added, much to the dismay of his onlooking fans live on Twitch.

Censor apologises for homophobic outburst


Although the slur didn't cause too many ripples outside of his own community, Censor took it upon himself to release a statement on social media, condemning his actions.

"If I was to wait, this wouldn’t feel right," Censor started in a video post on Twitter (X). "I slipped up and I said a word I shouldn’t have said,” he continued.

"I let someone get under my skin and I said the F-word. I’m not proud about it. I’m not happy about it. I’m definitely disappointed in myself about it because regardless of what anyone is gonna think it’s absolutely not something I stand for or something I say in my private life ever.

Censor's self-report has been construed as both positive and negative by fans, with some calling it attention seeking, while others appreciated the sentiment of owning up to things before the public forced an apology out of him.

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