Call of Duty is owning that it makes invisible skins, with more on the way

Call of Duty is owning that it makes invisible skins, with more on the way

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Jack Marsh


22nd Sep 2023 14:38

Although the original Warzone may now be officially shut down, the jump-scare that was Roze still haunts our dreams.

In her first form, the all-black skin was "invisible to the naked eye" and forced players to triple-check every single dark corner of Verdansk, and even then, she'd still elude players, only to pop up and eliminate squads from the lobby.

Since, Call of Duty has released more of these Roze clones and invisible skins, and now, ahead of the next iteration of this trick on the eyes, they're finally just saying "f**k it, we're owning it".

Call of Duty is releasing a 'semi-transparent' skin

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Ahead of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone Season 6, Call of Duty has announced a string of incredible skins that will enter the series. However, one non-collaborative outfit will be the BattlePass "V4L3RIA" variant, and you might have some trouble seeing it in-game.

"Experimenting with their robotics technology, BlackCell introduces V4L3RIA as this season’s exclusive Operator," reads the Call of Duty blog.

"V4L3RIA features semi-transparent skin, revealing the inner skeleton, as well as robotic voice lines for full technical immersion," it continues to say.

The skin will also translate over to Modern Warfare 3, given that Call of Duty will be allowing for cross-pollution of skins and weapons. 

Modern Warfare 2 fans fearful for semi-transparent Valeria skin

Aside from the usual Valeria simps getting their anatomical freak on, Modern Warfare 2 fans are actually becoming a little bit concerned, should players begin to use this.

"So close to pay-to-win I can almost taste it," one fan said, while a second added, "More subtle pay-to-win bulls**t. What else is new?"

"I really hope this $60 battle pass s**t ends with the next game. I know nothing is gonna change but I want to hope," added another fan.

Only the Valeria skin has put a dampener on the Season 6 announcements though, as the massive onslaught of collaborations has actually delighted fans, who are beginning to get their spook on.

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