MW2 fans slam 'unrealistic' grind required to finish Battle Pass

MW2 fans slam 'unrealistic' grind required to finish Battle Pass
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Alex Garton


21st Sep 2023 12:25

The Battle Pass has become core to the Call of Duty experience over recent years, providing Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 with a steady form of progression.

Packed with skins, rewards, and even brand-new weapons, it gives players a reason to jump into their matches every day, aside from fun alone of course.

Unfortunately, not everyone is satisfied with the current Battle Pass system and the fact that it resets with every new season.

According to the community, this "unrealistic" time limit results in them having to undertake a "ridiculous" grind just to ensure they obtain every unlock.

MW2 players hate "ridiculous" Battle Pass grind

Call of Duty's Battle Pass is causing a stir within the fanbase at the moment, with Reddit user "bwesty0227" taking to the ModernWarfareII subreddit to call out the reward track's grind as "unrealistic."

In their experience, around "1 hour of playtime should get you around 1 unlock token," meaning it requires players to invest just under "3 hours every day" on average when you include matchmaking times.

For them, this is a "ridiculous" expectation and demonstrates just how "twisted" Call of Duty's Battle Pass has become.

bwesty0227 has called on Activision to redesign the system with player satisfaction in mind, rather than just attempting to keep them in MW2 for as long as possible.

MW2 fans suggest ways to improve & fix Battle Pass

MW2 Battle Pass
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As always, instead of just complaining about the Battle Pass, MW2 fans have come up with a number of ways to improve the design.

The most popular suggestion by far came from Owain660, who argues CoD should "remove the FOMO" by adopting Halo's Battle Pass.

This would involve allowing players to keep the previous Battle Passes they've purchased from older seasons and complete them anytime in the future. This fan-friendly system removes the need to grind and panic when the season is coming to an end.

We'll have to wait and see if Activision take note of the fan backlash, but based on their healthy Battle Pass sales, they're unlikely to take much notice.

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