Here’s why the Modern Warfare 2 Season 6 AR & SMG look familiar

Here’s why the Modern Warfare 2 Season 6 AR & SMG look familiar
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22nd Sep 2023 10:24

The Call of Duty Season 6 roadmap has been announced and when it comes to cosmetics, MW2 fans are certainly spoilt for choice.

Crossovers with Diablo featuring Lilith and Inarius, the superhero Spawn, and even a Doom melee weapon are all on the cards, taking the collaboration bar to a new level.

As expected, the major update is also bringing new weapons to the table, in the form of the ISO 9mm SMG and the TR-76 AR.

Unfortunately, the CoD community are less pleased with these additions, arguing they're "reskins" with "lazy" designs.

MW2 fans slam new AR & SMG as "reskins"

Taking to the ModernWarfareII subreddit, user DTAY227 decided to share their frustration with the dev's choice to add yet another AR and SMG. Well, this sparked a discussion in the thread, and a lot of the community has serious issues with the design of the weapons as well.

When it comes to the TR-76 AR, fans are angry that "every season is required to have a f**king bullpup AR," instead of a gun for another category, or at the very least a different type of assault rifle.

As for the ISO 9mm, players are flaming the SMG as a "low effort reskin and 2 file edits of a gun added 2 seasons ago."

With the ISO 45 already being an in-game option, it's clear fans are confused why the 9mm tag wasn't just added as an attachment. Bringing it out as a whole new weapon for them feels "lazy" and disappointing.

MW2 players claim devs should have added an LMG in Season 6

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Another AR and SMG to add to the arsenal have not gone down well with the playerbase, as countless fans were hoping for an LMG in Season 6.

The bulky category often feels like it has been forgotten by the devs, and the community felt this was the perfect opportunity to give it some love.

"I’m an avid assault rifle user but there are way too many, I was looking forward to the Bruen Mk9 because most of the LMGs are garbage," said one user, with another questioning "We were supposed to be getting the Bruen Mk9 weren't we? Guess not."

While there are rumours the long-awaited LMG could be coming in Season 6 Reloaded, that's too little too late for some fans. Let's hope MW3 delivers powerful LMGs, as it seems like the only chance the underrated category has to return to its former glory.

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