Scump baffled by Infinity Ward’s last three ‘competitive’ maps

Scump baffled by Infinity Ward’s last three ‘competitive’ maps
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Jack Marsh


23rd May 2023 17:25

Modern Warfare 2 has one of the best Ranked playlists of all time, even if the 2022 title doesn't particularly lean towards a competitive game style amid its Dead Silence activation and slow movement mechanics.

But players had to scratch the surface when it came to picking maps that fit the game modes at the start of the season, with an all-time low of core 6v6 designs being available, and the developers are only just noticing that there needs to be more variety.

Now, Infinity Ward is openly making its final three Modern Warfare 2 maps to be "competitive," and despite this being a welcome addition, Seth "Scump" Abner has criticised the developers for being "too late."

Scump flames Infinity Ward for holding back competitive MW2 maps

Himmelmatt Expo Modern Warfare 2
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The lack of multiplayer maps has been criticised throughout the lifespan of Modern Warfare 2, with only three viable "competitive" maps being added at launch. This is despite Infinity Ward being praised for adding Himmelmatt Expo, even bringing the map forward half a Season from its expected release window.

But with three more maps set to be included in the final few seasons of Modern Warfare 2, Scump has now blasted the decision to add them after the professional Call of Duty League season is complete. "Uh, it's a little f**king late. We are mid-season. This is our last split and then it's Champs!" he said.

Scump claims it's "too late" for new competitive MW2 maps


Scump's main gripe is that the maps now cannot be added to the competitive list, meaning that they will all be intended for Ranked play, which will be a dwindling game mode after the league's conclusion.

"That's good and all. It's good that they are trying, but Major 5 is next weekend, and they're not adding a map before Champs, that would be insane," Scump added.

"Maybe it's a test. But, it's too late. Ranked play is going to be dead after Champs. Right after Champs is over, there will be some people playing Ranked still, but all of the pros won't be playing that s**t."

The three maps are set to be spun out throughout the last two Modern Warfare seasons, with one specifically being a 'test', while another will be a classic remaster.

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