MW2's next map will be a ‘test for future games’

MW2's next map will be a ‘test for future games’
Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


18th May 2023 16:27

The Call of Duty developers have been quite audacious in Modern Warfare 2 so far, changing the pace of its multiplayer action significantly, axing many movement gripes and exploits, and creating maps that aren't the norm.

But after shedding a bit of light into their map design journey as of late - explaining the Shipment was an accident and defending the divisive Santa Sena Border Crossing - they've now started detailing what is next for the franchise.

With six months left on Modern Warfare 2's clock, the developers have now explained that one of their next multiplayer maps will be used as a "test" for new maps going forward.

Infinity Ward to 'test' multiplayer maps for future games in MW2

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Having opened the lid on the final three multiplayer maps in Modern Warfare 2, including one that will be a remaster of an old-school classic, Infinity Ward has revealed that one of the three maps will be a "test."

By this, they infer that the playstyle might be a little different from what we are used to, although it's unsure just how different the map may be.

Speaking in an interview with Dexerto, Infinity Ward Multiplayer Design Directors Geoff Smith said, "Just as an example, there’s a map coming in a later season that is directly a test for future things."

Modern Warfare 2 will mix things up with new multiplayer maps

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
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With the final three maps being "competitively" inclined, it's quite curious to see what Infinity Ward could be doing to "test" maps for future Call of Duty games, given that they must be bearing in mind the three Ranked game modes, Hardpoint, Control, and Search and Destroy.

It could be that the new maps are built specifically for Search, leaving a realm of possibilities here, such as a completely vertical map akin to Deadrop's battle royale mode. Or, it could be another water-based map built for Control with a lake devising the capture points. Who knows?

What is for sure though is that the developers will be relying on community feedback for their final maps, and if they turn out to be quite the hit, they'll want to know to make Modern Warfare 3 just as great.

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