Another classic map is coming to MW2 with CDL Pros input

Another classic map is coming to MW2 with CDL Pros input
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Jack Marsh


17th May 2023 15:20

It's no lie that the Call of Duty fan base wanted more classic content in this Modern Warfare reboot sequel, combining the revisited timeline with the original one we grew up adoring.

But so far, we've only had Shipment and Dome (and Pelayo's Lighthouse if you're counting the fully-remodelled Estate remake) be ported over from previous titles.

Now, with fans calling for the developers to throw caution to the wind in the final couple of seasons, Infinity Ward has revealed one remastered map is coming to Modern Warfare 2, soon.

Infinity Ward reveals a 'nostalgic' remastered map is coming to MW2

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Shortly after revealing that there will only be three more new Modern Warfare 2 maps, all tailored for competitive play, Infinity Ward has now claimed that one of these will be a remastered version of something that we've seen before.

According to the developers, this unnamed remastered map has already been tested by the Call of Duty League pros too, when they appeared at a pre-launch game test, and they gave their seal of approval.

Speaking to Dexerto, Infinity Ward's Multiplayer Design Director Geoff Smith said, "We're bringing an older one back that some CDL guys, they really liked when they were at our office. We pivoted around and that's coming pretty soon".

Infinity Ward promises nostalgia and fun gameplay with the next MW2 remastered map

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Although the map has yet to have been revealed, the developers continued to say that the pros enjoyed their test and that it will arrive to harmonise both nostalgia and fun gameplay.

"There's power in the nostalgia of bringing those back. To be honest, there's good, fun gameplay there. It's kind of silly to not use those and lean into the strengths of those maps," he continued.

"Even when we do new maps, people will say 'Oh I didn't like this, this other map was way better,' it feels almost like it takes some time to get used to something new. Then suddenly two years later they're like 'Oh man, Hackney Yard was a great map,' but during the launch of it you're like 'That was a piece of crap'."

"You build those memories with your friends and eventually, you have these rose-tinted glasses of these maps."

Who knows what the map will be, although there might be some clue in the fact that no Warzone POIs have been released as multiplayer maps, leaving some of the more iconic competitive maps like Favela, Invasion, Karachi from MW2 left to be considered.

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