Scarlet And Violet Look Destined To Bring Back The Worst Pokemon Feature

Scarlet And Violet Look Destined To Bring Back The Worst Pokemon Feature
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Joseph Kime


8th Aug 2022 10:36

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have a lot riding on them. The games are introducing a brand-new region not long after the release of the last one in Pokemon Sword & Shield, and fans are concerned it's a little too soon to be moving on. Still, Scarlet & Violet are still set to elease later this year, and in their defence, the games look fantastic.

Though there's one thing that players are nervous about, and it has stemmed from the recent history of the series. Fans feel that the game panders to children (despite being, y'know, for children) and has softened up in recent years to make it easier for them with a number of mechanics. One of those mechanics looks set to return in the new games.

Is Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Bringing Back Automatic EXP Share?

The EXP share has been a part of Pokemon for a long time, but it has undergone a change in recent years. It's been transformed into an automatic process that distributes EXP between all of your party's Pokemon, with Sword & Shield and Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl giving no opportunity to switch it off.

It was a point of serious controversy, and it seems it will be making a return in the upcoming Scarlet & Violet. As pointed out by Pokemon YouTuber Blaines, it looks as though the EXP share across an entire team could be making a comeback to the game, as revealed by a new screenshot of the gameplay.

It's a little concerning, but all we can do is hope that The Pokemon Company has learned from its mistakes. The outraged fandom has called out automatic EXP share, and with devs usually listening to us, let's hope someone out there has been taking notes. 


Will Pokemon Scarlet And Violet's EXP Share Be Mandatory?

The toggle for the EXP share is a minor feature that would prevent some serious gameplay problems for many - but following the trend that seems to be appearing, it wouldn't be surprising to find out that the new Pokemon games won't allow players to change it.

It's obviously annoying, but perhaps this is The Pokemon Company's way of changing the series to make it more adaptable to less skilled players. So, it looks like the new Pokemon games could be pretty easy. Whether or not it's a good thing is up to you - but either way, we're looking forward to exploring Paldea.

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