Putting Pokemon In Elden Ring Shows What Scarlet & Violet Are Missing

Putting Pokemon In Elden Ring Shows What Scarlet & Violet Are Missing
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Joseph Kime


2nd Jan 2023 14:43

It's hard to believe that we're almost a year on from the launch of Elden Ring, but even so, it's still reaching out to new players and kick-starting their journey across The Lands Between.

The game's sprawling nature has offered players the chance to take themselves on an 80-hour adventure no matter when they start, and even now, fans can't bring themselves to play anything else before becoming Elden Lord.

Equally, some players are going bonkers adding their own content to the fantasy favourite in the form of fan concepts and mods. And one new mod is putting other legacy franchises to shame.

Elden Ring Mod Brings Pokemon To The Lands Between

One new Elden Ring mod has managed to show The Pokemon Company up in incredibly dramatic fashion, as it has introduced one of Scarlet & Violet's most iconic new additions to the world of Pokemon almost seamlessly.

A new video shared to Twitter by modder Arestame has revealed that Koraidon, the Pokemon that graces the box art of Pokemon Scarlet, can very effectively take Torrent's place as a Tarnished's steed.

The video reveals a new redesign for the horse, which features the Pokemon's iconic wheel design, and much like the Pokemon in its home game, gallops across the region in spite of the literal wheels on it.

The mod also reveals other familiar Pokemon peppered across The Lands Between, with the likes of Smoliv and Quaxly taking centre stage across Limgrave.

Fans Warn Of Impending Cease And Desist For Elden Ring Pokemon Mod

With the recent additions of Scarlet & Violet being panned and officially becoming some of the worst-rated in the franchise's history, we say let the fans have a little fun throwing Pokeballs across the Lands Between.  

It's a lot of fun to check the mod out, but the fun may not last long thanks to the lightning-fast reactions of The Pokemon Company's Lawyers. Nintendo doesn't have the best track record regarding creative freedom.

The team has a bad habit of slapping well-meaning fans with cease-and-desist letters for sharing their love of the series, and their reputation has clearly preceded them. Pokemon in Elden Ring is magical - if temporary.

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