Pokemon x Tiffany collab could be the most expensive yet

Pokemon x Tiffany collab could be the most expensive yet
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Tom Chapman


14th Nov 2023 11:40

If you like the fancier things in life, the latest Pokemon collaboration could be the one for you. Christmas is just around the corner, and if you don't know what to get that special someone who's into gaming, the Pokemon x Tiffany collaboration could be for you. Be warned, though, it'll cost you.

We've seen some weird and wonderful Pokemon collabs over the year, with the various McDonald's Happy Meals, Converse, Adidas, and even the Van Gogh Museum. At the other end of the spectrum, we've also had the Balmain collection, a Gucci line, and Daniel Arsham's sculptures. Now, Arsham has teamed up (again) with Tiffany. 

Daniel Arsham is working with Pokemon and Tiffany

Arsham Studio x Tiffany x Pokemon charm bracelet
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Tiffany & Co.

As reported by High Snobiety, the Pokemon x Tiffany collection is now live. The Arsham Studio x Tiffany x Pokemon collection is offering oxidized sterling silver and pendants, featuring some of the most iconic 'mon. You'll want to catch 'em all, with Charmander, Squirtle, Jigglypuff, Cubone, Mew, and Pikachu all making the cut. 

With Pikachu being the lovable mascot of the series, it's getting the special treatment, with an 18K yellow gold pendant and necklace. It's this special edition that's pushing the price up, with the gold Pikachu coming in two sizes. The smaller one costs ¥1,507,000/$9,900, while the bigger one is a jaw-dropping ¥4,730,000/$29,000.

For those on a budget, the oxidized sterling silver pendants are still a hefty ¥211,200/$1,290. The bonus of the gold Pikachu is getting the Tiffany Blue Pokeball case. The silver jewellery comes with a classic Tiffany box. The Tiffany collection isn't as expensive as a $900k Pikachu Illustrator card, but it's more than most of us can afford. 

Where can you get the Tiffany x Pokemon collection?

Tiffany gold Pikachu Pokemon collection
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Tiffany & Co.

Explaining why he was partnering with Tiffany again, Arsham told High Snobiety, "We partnered to re-contextualize iconic Pokémon from the beloved Japanese entertainment brand into a jewelry capsule collection expressed in my Future Relics' aesthetic.

"I am constantly inspired by this fictional idea of something being discovered in the distant future, a sort of 'time capsule of tomorrow.' With my latest Tiffany collaboration, we've immortalized our beloved Pokémon in a celebration of Tiffany's renowned artistry."

If you're sold, the Arsham Studio x Tiffany x Pokemon capsule collection is launching at the Tiffany & Co. Landmark in New York City and the Omotesando store in Tokyo. The collection will also be going live on the Tiffany website in December, meaning you've got a little longer to start saving. 

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