Pokemon Scarlet & Violet bug is erasing save files

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet bug is erasing save files

Written by 

Tom Chapman


7th Mar 2023 14:10

There's trouble in Paldea, as Pokefans claim that their Pokemon Scarlet & Violet save files are being deleted following the latest update. Considering you've likely spent tens of hours collecting your Gen IX 'Mon, it's a game-breaking bug none of us needs.

It's safe to say, Scarlet & Violet launched in a pretty shaky state back in November, and while Game Freak has done its bit to make things run better, the latest update has decimated the Pokemon games to their core. Worryingly, it's not an isolated incident.

What is the game-breaking Scarlet & Violet bug?

Over on Reddit (via Kotaku), there are multiple accounts that the Version 1.2.0 update is deleting save files. It's apparently being triggered by connecting the Pokemon Go app or downloading the DLC ahead of its release later this year.

Problems vary, but with Pokemon Go allowing you to send postcards to each other, it's hardly worth losing hundreds of shinies over, is it? Redditor u/Matthewcbayer claims they lost a 595-hour game save. 

In the thread, they explain that the usual way of removing the backup save by pressing up+b+X doesn't work because you can't even load the Home Screen. 

Another player added, "This has also happened to me, over 100 shinies down the drain! I was trying to get an answer from Nintendo support and they said they were looking into it then just closed the conversation saying the issue was resolved and sending me a survey link without doing anything."

A third wrote, "I'm glad this issue is getting the recognition it deserves. I've also had this unfortunate error happen to me shortly after connecting to Go and sending a postcard. 150 hours of progress gone in an instant is super upsetting."

Is there a fix for the Scarlet & Violet bug?

While Nintendo might be aware of a few cases, it is yet to publicly acknowledge what's going on. According to someone, a customer service representative suggested transferring Pokemon from the corrupted save to the Pokemon Home app that lets you send your critters to the cloud.

Speaking of the cloud, the OP rightly says, "It’s ridiculous that in the year 2023, they don't have a cloud backup for our save files, especially when we are paying for subscriptions like Home and Switch Online."

At least there was an outpouring of support for those affected. Someone offered, "So sorry to hear about this. As someone who is also working on their shiny dex, that pain is awful. If you want I have some extra shinies you could have. Although I know it's not the same as finding them yourself."

Kotaku has reached out to Nintendo for comment, but at the time of publication, there had been no word about what's going on, when it'll be fixed, and whether your shiny superstars are really gone forever.

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