Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Fans Hate The Latest Gym Changes

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Fans Hate The Latest Gym Changes
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Joseph Kime


28th Jul 2022 10:31

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, despite coming pretty soon after the last generation of Pocket Monsters, look to be pretty ambitious. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are bringing change with them, and it's bound to be exciting. Well, except one change to gyms, which is already rubbing fans the wrong way.

Clearly taking notes from the development of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the games look to be putting a grander focus on player freedom. This leaves them with an open world to explore and even the option to enlist their friends to take on Paldea as a team.

How Are Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Changing Gyms? 

Some big changes are reportedly coming to the Scarlet and Violet gyms, and unsurprisingly, Pokemon fans aren't happy with what they mean for the structure of the games.

A new leak from Centro Leaks claims that the Gen 9 gyms won't have any level scaling. This means they can be approached from any angle and in any order. Centro Leaks has said that these claims have been "reaffirmed," so if these leaks are anything to believe, this is as good as concrete for their November releases. 

In short, this means that the gyms will run in order of level, meaning that there will be a definitive hierarchy of gyms. Still, they can be tackled in whichever order you like, so if you want to try the hardest one first, there's nothing stopping you.

Fans Are Mad At Pokemon's Gym Changes

Fans have taken to Twitter to complain that this move doesn't make any sense, and that it's practically a needless addition to the game if players are just going to take the main route anyway. One critic grumbled, "hat's the point if they said we could fight in gyms again? With this logic, the only gym that we will repeat will be the one with the highest level."

When one said this is probably only a beta feature, someone else laughed, "Why is level scaling not a thing isn’t that like a basic part of open world games." A third supported the idea and concluded, "The "lack of level scaling" makes perfect sense cause they would have to have every single trainer level scale to you at all times. I'm not getting why ppl are upset." It's an interesting gym change for sure, and though some players are questioning the use of the alteration, it's probably going to lead to some pretty great challenges that see players try to take on the big dogs first.

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