Pokemon Legends: Arceus Player Shows Off 'Impossible' Gyrados Catch

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Player Shows Off 'Impossible' Gyrados Catch
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Joseph Kime


2nd Feb 2022 13:50

Pokemon Legends: Arceus hasn't been out long at all, and already, players are starting to march about in the huge feudal world. The title has more than lived up to expectations and quashed our concerns about its huge ambitions. For many, it's the incredible shake-up to the Pokemon formula we've wanted for years.

So, long story short, we're loving it. And now, players are able to goof around trying to bolster their Pokedex, and one player has pulled off an insane capture trickshot.

Pokemon Player Performs Amazing Gyarados Trickshot

Gamers are already getting incredibly gutsy when it comes to their captures in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and one user has bagged an insane trick shot on a faraway Gyarados.

The video was shared on Reddit by user Addybng, and has since done the rounds on social media - simply because the capture is so hard to believe. The video sees the player watch a Gyrados from afar. The giant Mon' is soaring through the air and coming closer to them.

Aiming far ahead of the Gyarados on its flight path, they throw a Pokeball, and capture it with ease, before the Gyrados even noticed that they're there.


Fans React To Incredible Gyarados Catch

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Player Shows Off 'Impossible' Gyrados Catch
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Fans in the comments of the original posts are impressed with the shot and reckon they've got it in them to give it a go themselves. "Dammi, now I'm gonna have to find that spot again and throw balls till kingdom come," says one user. They then came back to report on their progress in trying to replicate the shot.

"Update: it took roughly 20 balls, most were used in repeated attempts after he broke out and roared." Not quite as impressive, but it seems this is a tactic that produces good results.

"Imagine flying around, minding your own business, and then some random yokel comes out of nowhere and beans you upside the head with [a] ball and enslaves you forever," adds another commenter. It's a good point, but one that opens up the wider conversation about the indoctrination of Pokemon post-capture that we're definitely not equipped to handle.

The shot is amazing, and clearly, fans like it enough to try it themselves - though we're not entirely sure we have it in us to pull it off ourselves. Either way, their team is looking suitably beefy thanks to adding Gyrados to the roster.


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