Pokemon Fan Adds All Nine Regions To Playable Minecraft Map

Pokemon Fan Adds All Nine Regions To Playable Minecraft Map
TikTok - thechunkyhippo | The Pokemon Company

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Joseph Kime


2nd Aug 2022 10:13

The Pokemon franchise changes up its locations every once in a while, and although fans will always have their favourites (often biased to those they grew up with), a new world to explore and catch Pokemon in is always exciting.

As a brand-new one is on the way in the form of Scarlet & Violet's Paldea, players are getting excited about new plateaus and towns to explore. Now, one fan is proving their love of the locales from the series in a pretty bold way.

Can You Play Pokemon In Minecraft?

One creator and fan on TikTok has dedicated their time to rebuilding every Pokemon region in one Minecraft world. Since starting back in mid-July, they've only just made it to Cerulean City - showing what a labour of love this is. 

User thechunkyhippo has been sharing their project progress on TikTok, and they've pledged to create "every single Pokemon region in one single world of Minecraft". The project seems to be going incredibly well, as the map has reached Cerulean City, and it seems to be a gorgeous replication of the world that we know.

The Minecraft build is intended to be used with the incredibly popular Pixelmon mod, so that the in-game Pokemon experience can be as authentic as it has ever been. This should at least give you something to play with while you twiddle your thumbs waiting for Scarlet & Violet


What's Next For Pokemon?

The next Pokemon title that we can look forward to is the Gen 9 duo of Scarlet & Violet, which are set to come later this year. As it turns out, we're set to get more info about the ambitious upcoming games very soon. A new Pokemon Presents presentation is lined up for tomorrow (August 3) at 14:00 GMT, and as well as some other assorted Pokemon reveals, it will be announcing some tantalising details about the new mainline games too.

Despite critiques that we've paved over Pokemon Legends: Arceus before it really got a chance to find its feet, there's no rest for the wicked as we gallop toward Gen 9. Here's hoping the latest reveals are worth the wait - although we're just as excited to see how this massive Minecraft project turns out. We'll see you in Cerulean City.

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