'The PS4 gonna explode': Players share fears for Jedi: Survivor ports

'The PS4 gonna explode': Players share fears for Jedi: Survivor ports
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Tom Chapman


2nd Aug 2023 16:12

While Microsoft and Sony have slowly been freezing out PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players like they're marooned on Hoth, there's a small reprieve for last-gen console owners. In a surprise turn, 2023's Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is getting a last-gen port.

Issues like the pandemic and a shortage of parts mean the transition between last and new-gen consoles remains a bit of a sluggish one. It trapped AAA games like Jedi: Survivor in something of a limbo, although it was originally a fully new-gen release. So, what happened? We'll give you a clue...money.

Players are worried about last-gen Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is relatively new to the scene, and while a loyal army of Jedi likely polished off the campaign within a couple of days, there are those who were waiting for a sale or simply have skipped out because they don't own a PS5 or Xbox Series.

The surprise announcement of PS4 and Xbox One ports for Jedi: Survivor should've been met with fanfare, but instead, it's soon turned into an Order 66-inspired bloodbath where gamers are worried about its rerelease. You'll remember the game's original release was plagued by performance woes - especially on PC

When IGN announced the news, the comment section soon exploded, just like your console might. One Padawan wrote, "Obvious choice due to its stellar performance on current gen consoles 👀," while another added, "The Games Runs Like Crap on PS5!!! How The Heck They Are Gonna Make it Run on Older Gen!?"

In the end, someone simply concluded, "Nah how tf they gonna do that... the ps4 gonna explode." There were worries that we'd get a repeat of when Shadow of Mordor was later released on PS3 and Xbox 360. Jedi: Survivor's launch sales were already 30% higher than 2019's Fallen Order, but this is clearly a cash grab. 

Are there more Star Wars Jedi games on the way?

Star Wars Jedi
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While it's good news that last-gen gamers are being kept in the loop, there are obvious concerns that these ports could damage the reputation of Jedi: Survivor. At least we know there are plans for a third game, which we imagine would be a wholly new-gen release, or maybe even come on the next generation. 

Game Director Stig Asmussen always said he'd wanted a trilogy of games before Jedi Survivor was on the way, while it looks like Respawn has been on a hiring spree for what we hope is a Survivor sequel. The end definitely leaves room for more adventures for Cal Kestis, and hopefully, the devs can nail the launch next time around. 

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