Dr Disrespect moans about players moaning at video games

Dr Disrespect moans about players moaning at video games
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Joseph Kime


1st May 2023 08:36

Jedi: Survivor is finally here, and while it's wonderful to see Cal Kestis again, there are certain elements of the new game that are rubbing fans the wrong way.

For one, the Jedi: Survivor is suffering some framerate drops. Nothing particularly major or game-breaking, but it's enough to upset many fans and make them concerned that the game was launched too soon.

There are also a few glitches that hark back to the launch of Jedi: Fallen Order, which are serving as a bit of a roadblock to enter the game. Ultimately, players are pretty disappointed in the launch week that should have been a triumph. But, one streamer has had enough.

Dr Disrespect moans about Star Wars moaners

This may truly be the most ironic thing that a streamer has ever said. Popular streamer Dr Disrespect has made a big name for himself crushing players in battle royale games, but users turn up to his streams mostly to watch his meltdowns when his killstreaks are put to an end.

Doc has made a name for himself as we watch him scream bloody Mary when the most minute details of games are out of place. But now, he's taking to Twitter to put people who do the same to shame.

"I played @EAStarWars Jedi Survivor on max settings all day yesterday," he says in a tweet. "Yeah, certain cut scenes dropped frames but overall performance and the experience on the game were top notch. People that complain about video games… GO GET A LIFE."

Well, well, well. You've changed your tune. Given that the Two-Time has made a name for himself bemoaning anything and everything in the industry, there's more than a little irony in his Jedi: Survivor outburst. 

Fans react to Dr Disrespect decrying complainers

Twitter users have wasted no time in reminding the Doc just why he's popular in the first place, mocking him for moaning about moaners when moaning is kind of… his whole deal.

One chuckled, "I love you, but you complain about Warzone a lot," while another added, "Na you be complaining too lol." A third added, "Probably shouldn't watch any DRD rage comps just in case they complain about video games."

Streamer Lirik even posted a video of their own glitchy experience that earned a snarky, "All you do is complain," from Dr Disrespect. We're not sure if he's joking or not, but either way, it got a laugh from us. 

It's a pretty funny position for the Doc to be in, and whether or not this tweet is a convoluted bit, he's found himself in the mud on this occasion. Even so, imagine being called out for complaining by the chief of complaints himself. That's rough.

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