Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has a Metroid Easter egg for die-hard fans

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has a Metroid Easter egg for die-hard fans
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Joseph Kime


2nd May 2023 16:50

It seems that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has accidentally created two packs of fans, which is rarely a good sign. One side is loving what they have - a Star Wars RPG that improves on almost everything its predecessor had, while the other is admittedly less enthused,

Even though Survivor proves itself to be the best adventure that Cal Kestis has had yet, others are dealing with a game crammed full of wonky textures and glitches coming out of the wazoo, especially on PC especially. There are more patches on the way, but only time will tell if they can seal the holes in the game.

Despite some experiencing poor performance in the sci-fi Souls-like, Jedi: Survivor has secured its place as a treat with its intent. And it turns out it's packing some neat Easter eggs, too.

Jedi: Survivor is hiding a Metroid easter egg

Impressing retro gaming fans, Jedi: Survivor isn't just keeping its Easter eggs confined to the Star Wars universe, as many fans have pointed out that one section of the game pays direct homage to Super Metroid.

Jedi: Survivor includes a moment where Cal and BD-1 are met with a steep wall that they're supposed to wall jump up to scale.

The game shows the player how to do it with a bundle of tiny animals, as it turns out, is exactly how players figure out the move in Super Metroid.

EA confirms Super Metroid reference

In response to the tweet that revealed the Easter egg to many, games journalist James Galizo has claimed that during a media preview, this was confirmed to be a direct homage to the game, as it has been considered to be a Metroidvania title.

It's a sweet little reference to the game series that had such a big hand in bringing this genre of games to life, and even better to see the game breach the confines of the worlds of Star Wars. Now give us a full Star Wars Soulsborne, you cowards.

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