Star Wars Jedi: Survivor players warned not to buy it yet

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor players warned not to buy it yet
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28th Apr 2023 15:05

It's finally time, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is here, and it's looking good - well, at least on the surface of things. Our own Jedi: Survivor review has sung the game's praises, as it proves itself to be a worthy follow-up to one of the most popular RPGs that the Star Wars franchise has ever produced.

Respawn Entertainment's 2023 title already threatens to topple its predecessor in numbers, and Cal Kestis is back in a big way. But, there seems to be a problem.

While things are a little patchy on Jedi: Survivor's console versions, PC players have drawn the short straw once again with a meagre and buggy port. As a result, fans are being asked to simply not buy the game.] until its beskar has been polished. 

Fans urged not to buy Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cal and Senator Daho Sejan
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Prospective Jedi: Survivor players are currently stunned, as a new article by Forbes tells them not to get involved with the sci-fi Souls-like. "In its current state, Jedi: Survivor is a performance disaster," reads the article.

"I know there is a big patch coming at launch that might fix the myriad bugs and glitches plaguing the game, but before you spend your hard-earned cash—maybe noticing the game’s solid 86/100 score on Metacritic—you should be aware that as of right now, it’s a buggy mess."

This was a big problem when Fallen Order launched in 2019, and it's hugely disappointing to see that its sequel is in a similar state. There have been some fixes since the Forbes article came out - but many claim that it simply isn't enough.

The game has thankfully had its PC port ironed out a little with a day one patch - but further reports are claiming that problems are still rife in Jedi: Survivor. Fans have been sharing their frustration on social media, proving there's an overall feeling that one of 2023's biggest games is in dire straits right now. 

Jedi: Survivor's Steam reviews are a mess

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Steam reviews
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Over on Steam, it's clear to see the devastating effects of releasing Jedi: Survivor in its current form. Despite only debuting on April 28, it's already earned 2,031 reviews, with only 34% of them being positive. The number is climbing by the minute, and it's not heading in the right direction.

The top review currently reads, "So far, the loading screen is pretty okay. I have no idea what it's like past the title screen because it doesn't load past that at the moment." Another fumes, "Runs like my a** after Taco Bell."

Someone went as far as dubbing it "Star Wars CPU Survivor." The day one patch has given a small buff, but with promises of more patches in the coming weeks, we hope Respawn has an army of Jawas on hand to give Jedi: Survivor the kiss of life in so desperately needs. 

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