Jedi: Survivor fans unconvinced by new facial hair options

Jedi: Survivor fans unconvinced by new facial hair options
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Joseph Kime


4th Apr 2023 09:37

The curtain has risen on the previews for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, as the next chapter in Cal Kestis' story comes into view. It's looking to be an improvement on its predecessor in almost every way. That wouldn't take much when considering Fallen Order's buggy initial build.

Regardless of what laid the groundwork, Survivor looks to be a real treat for Star Wars fans and could harness that Jedi power play - but there's one feature that's got some feeling a little icky.

Cal Kestis has some weird facial hair options

Jedi: Survivor fans unconvinced by new facial hair options
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As one of the new additions to the many new customisation options in Jedi: Survivor, players can choose exactly how they want Cal to style his facial hair, which until now, we weren't sure he could even grow. It turns out that he can and is going to, seemingly out of spite.

The hair and facial hair options for Cal are seemingly plentiful, with the chance being offered to players to adorn the Jedi with a ginger mullet and a very odd Static-X style tuft beard.

The new options are welcome, as any kind of customisation is a good thing when it comes to putting yourself in the shoes of Cal. But damn, Cal looks weird with a beard. Maybe it's just us not being used to seeing it, but there's something unnerving about it. And it looks like fans agree.

Fans hate Cal Kestis' new Jedi: Survivor look

Fans are taking to Twitter to express just how weirded out they are by the fact that we can have a Kestis with a full beard. Equally, how bizarre he looks with any kind of beard after seeing him with a baby face for the entire first game.

One fan joked, "I'm glad we finally have full leprechaun representation in video games. It’s long overdue to be honest," while another added, "Man not the damn Space Mullet! Someone come get their designer, this sh*t belongs on that distant planet from a long time ago, far far away."

A third concluded, "Definitely a step up, but I remember how Force Unleashed had costumes that us be Boba Fett, Darth Sion, Stormtroopers, Darth Malak, Cyborg Starkiller, even MORE cybernetic Starkiller, and more. Be nice to have options like that."

It looks like nobody is entirely convinced by Cal Kestis with a beard, and we're not either. Come on Respawn, leave it to Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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