One Fan's 'Perfect' Pokemon Game Goes Viral

One Fan's 'Perfect' Pokemon Game Goes Viral
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Joseph Kime


11th Jan 2023 15:23

Pokemon games - whether new or old - are made up of parts of one whole... the Pokemon universe.  Most of the mainline titles in the long franchise have introduced us to new areas and regions across the fictional world, with their own native beasties and quirks to make them so special.

Though they may have started limited, we've seen each region innovate further. They all melt into a bold and exciting adventure that spans decades, consoles, and generations.

But of course, everyone has their favourites. Everyone has their Pokemon game, and now, one player has taken that notion literally.

Pokemon Fan Creates The 'Perfect' Game

Fans are coming together to celebrate the parts that make the Pokemon franchise so great, sharing their ideas of what features and settings would make for their "perfect" entry.

One user in the Pokemon subreddit has shared their idea, with the Pokemon Legends: Arceus catching system, more regional variants of existing Pokemon, and an optional EXP share.

Others include the likes of Black & White's Day & Night cycle, while even the divisive Scarlet & Violet get the nod with hope for returning auto battles. A rival franchise is mentioned here, with the "perfect" game asking for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild graphics. 

It's a fair post with a few good ideas, but it's indicative of what many Pokemon fans want to see in their games and care about when it comes to the franchise.

This board seems to emphasize making more of existing content, while there are others who would prefer something entirely new - and that's fine too.

It's nice to see fans come together to discuss their hopes for the franchise, even if some of their ideas might be a little archaic so far into the series.

Can Nintendo Ever Make The 'Perfect' Pokemon Game?

This post does a lot to prove just how different the idea of the perfect Pokemon game is to everyone, with the series representing different things to different players.

With this in mind, it's hard to imagine that the series will be able to turn something out that pleases everyone. Still, Game Freak should aim for something with a little more mainstream appeal than Scarlet & Violet

In terms of technological advancements in the series, The Pokemon Company is getting closer by the day. For our money, though, all the devs have to do is make every wild Pokemon encounter feature Gengar, and they're there already.

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