Nintendo Teases More Pokemon Remakes, Spin-Offs, And Mystery Dungeon Sequel

Nintendo Teases More Pokemon Remakes, Spin-Offs, And Mystery Dungeon Sequel
Images via The Pokemon Company

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Joseph Kime


29th Sep 2022 13:22

Pokemon has more spin-off series than you can count on both hands, and it's the one franchise where many players' favourite franchise experiences is actually a spin-off.

Ranger, Mystery Dungeon, Dash, Snap, even Pokken - the series boasts some pretty great offshoots that combine to bolster the core series with more lore and adventures than you can shake a stick at. And now, it looks like even more could be on the way.

Pokemon Teases New Upcoming Spin-Offs

A new survey has been doing the rounds with Pokemon fans, with The Pokemon Company asking gamers what kind of new game they'd like to play. Over on Reddit, u/SpaceEV shared proof that the Pokemon Company is asking about how it should move forward.

There are a wealth of options here, asking if players would like a new game similar to Pokemon Go or wholly new adventures. Interestingly, the survey also asks if fans would like another entry in a spin-off series that already exists (citing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon as an example).

There's also an option for modernised remakes similar to Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Though this certainly doesn't count as much of a confirmation that these things will be happening, it's interesting to see how The Pokemon Company is turning to fans to determine what's next for the franchise. In fact, it's pretty nice.


Will There Be A Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Sequel?

We don't have any confirmation that a new Mystery Dungeon sequel is being considered for the series beyond this survey, but it's certainly possible that the popular dungeon-crawler subseries could be set to make a comeback. Mystery Dungeon is true fan favourite, and its return would be an absolute treat, as we haven't seen an original Mystery Dungeon adventure since the 3DS - we don't really count Rescue Team DX

Even though the future of Pokemon could truly turn anywhere, it's a refreshing change of pace that remakes and returns to old-school franchises are being considered too. After all, there were critiques that we've jumped too quickly from Sword and Shield to Arceus, and then to Scarlet and Violet. Come on, The Pokemon Company - you know that the Switch is a perfect console for a return to Pokemon Ranger. Make it happen.

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