Nintendo Teases Fans About Super Mario Odyssey Sequel

Nintendo Teases Fans About Super Mario Odyssey Sequel
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Tarran Stockton


19th Jan 2023 10:42

In the five years since the last mainline Mario game, fans have been watching every Nintendo announcement keenly in the hopes of something new.

Even the smallest crumbs of a new game are enough to set the fanbase alight, and a supposed tease by Nintendo has convinced some that a Super Mario Odyssey sequel is in the works.

Is Nintendo Teasing A Super Mario Odyssey Sequel?

It seems that Nintendo could be hinting towards a sequel to 2017's Super Mario Odyssey, five years after the first game released. The potential tease is a promotional email sent to Nintendo customers on January 17, asking players what their favourite voyages in Odyssey were.

Twitter user @NintyPrime, highlighted the email and stoked the flames of hype among their followers, writing, "They REALLY want us to play the game again… I wonder why? ;)".

The email contains a few specific questions, prompting fans to respond with how many Power Moons they found, or if they visited all available Kingdoms.

While it may be nothing more than a standard promotion email in the quiet January period, there is some evidence to suggest it's a precursor for much more.

What Evidence Is There That Nintendo Is Teasing A New Super Mario Game?

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Firstly, this isn't the first time Nintendo has used marketing content to hint at future releases. Remember, the team sent out emails about the WarioWare series shortly before announcing WarioWare: Get It Together back in 2021.

There was also set to be a new Mario game announcement in 2022 according to @LeakyPandy on Twitter, a collective of leakers that cover Nintendo games. This never came to fruition, but the announcement could have been pushed back to this year.

2023 is set to be one of the biggest years yet for the Mario franchise, with The Super Mario Bros. Movie set to launch later this year and the opening of Super Mario World in Universal Studios Hollywood.

Using both of these occasions to drum up hype for a brand-new game is really a no-brainer, and even if we don't get a sequel to Odyssey, there's a lot to suggest that gamers will get to play a new Mario game at some point this year.

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