Everyone is obsessed with Elephant Mario

Everyone is obsessed with Elephant Mario
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Tom Chapman


22nd Jun 2023 11:01

Mario has been plenty of things over the years. A cat, a paper plane, and even a boulder - that's before we get to Super Mario Odyssey letting us play as everything from a T-Rex to a Chain Chomp. Now, we've got a brand-new Mario taking the internet by storm. Welcome, Elephant Mario.

This chunky (and trunky) addition to the Mario family debuted at the June 21 Nintendo Direct, where we finally got a new 2D for the first time since New Super Mario Bros. U in 2012. Super Mario Bros. Wonder is definitely an out-there idea, however, it was Elephant Mario who stole the show.

The internet can't cope with Elephant Mario 

As well as unveiling more information on the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLCsDetective Pikachu Returns, and a Super Mario RPG remake, the announcement of Super Mario Bros. Wonder was saved until last. By consuming the Wonder Flower, you go on a trippy adventure into this warped world.

This wasn't the only power-up, with Mario hitting a question block and consuming an elephant's head. Transforming into this beefy boy, Elephant Mario keeps his overalls and moustache, but has enhanced strength where he can batter enemies into oblivion.

As you can imagine, it didn't take the internet long to get hold of Elephant Mario and run with it as the next meme-worthy trend. One fan cheered, "I literally do not care what anyone thinks, I absolutely adore elephant Mario," while another added, "I love how the Elephant power up isn't even an elephant suit. Mario just literally turns into an elephant."

The darker side of Elephant Mario

As you can imagine, there was another subject of gamers who put their usual NSFW spin on Elephant Mario stream. According to Twitter, someone looked up Elephant Mario on the Rule 34 site just after the stream ended, yielding 22 results. We dread to think what the number stands at now.

Someone lamented, "Like why on Earth is that the first thing that springs to your mind when you see such a silly fella?" See, this is why we can't have nice things. Just hours after Nintendo made its big fanfare about Elephant Mario, there are questionable artworks of him and Princess Peach in compromising positions.

Ironically, someone suggested the idea of Elephant Mario back in 2012, did Nintendo steal their idea? At least in his wholesome form, Elephant Mario is sure to steal our hearts when Super Mario Bros. Wonder releases in October. 

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