The Super Mario Bros Movie accidentally included naked women

The Super Mario Bros Movie accidentally included naked women
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11th Jul 2023 11:50

There's a scandal in the Mushroom Kingdom, as a children's showing of The Super Mario Bros. Movie was reportedly hijacked by some lewd imagery. The family-friendly outing apparently screened semi-naked women to a group of minors. 

Going alongside Nintendo's wholesome imagery, The Super Mario Bros. Movie is rated PG, meaning it's much like the Sonic the Hedgehog movie and should be suitable for all - aside from a few scary Dry Bones for the little ones. Unfortunately, a raunchy version of the movie has been shown to a group of children. 

Cinema investigating 'unfortunate but serious' incident

Shocked Peach The Super Mario Bros. Movie
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Posting on Facebook, Londonderry's Waterside Theatre in Northern Ireland said there was an "unfortunate but serious" incident. The post reads, "The welfare of our visitors is always our main concern and we will be working with the relevant authorities which means we cannot comment further at this time."

Although it's pretty vague about what happened, the theatre concludes, "We offer our sincere apologies to all those affected." The BBC has some more details, claiming that a primary school viewing of the 2023 movie was hijacked by the image of a "partially undressed woman."

It's serious enough for police to investigate the image, which "appeared on screen for several seconds before being removed." DUP assembly member Gary Middleton demanded an enquiry and added, "There needs to be an investigation into how this happened and particularly the equipment used.

"It's important that parents and those involved are kept informed." SDLP councillor Sean Mooney said this was "an unfortunate matter and unfortunate it happened...It would be concerning for the children seeing something that's inappropriate. But this is pending investigation."

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has smashed records

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie is already coming to streaming services (from August 3), following a record-breaking theatrical run. While video game movies were once thought to be cursed, Sonic and Detective Pikachu set the precedent for how to do it.

Despite some original scepticism, The Super Mario Bros. Movie stormed the box office and earned a jaw-dropping $1.343 billion. This made it the highest-grossing movie of 2023 and the highest-grossing movie based on video games. It also means it ended Avatar: The Way of Water's dominance.

Unsurprisingly, there's plenty of talk about a Mario movie sequel, as well as numerous spin-offs for the likes of Donkey Kong and Luigi. This isn't the end of the road for the Mario Cinematic Universe, and with whispers of a possible Zelda adaptation, Nintendo could be onto a winner here. Maybe just look out for semi-naked women. 

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