Super Mario Bros. Wonder goes viral with 'thicc' Elephant Peach

Super Mario Bros. Wonder goes viral with 'thicc' Elephant Peach
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Tom Chapman


12th Oct 2023 15:46

What is it about Mario fans becoming obsessed with Princess Peach and her evolutions? Mario's long-suffering beau has thankfully broken free from her damsel in distress stereotype, showing she don't need no man in Super Mario Odyssey and getting ready to lead her own game in the form of Princess Peach: Showtime

Introduced in 1985's Super Mario Bros., Princess Peach Toadstool was kidnapped by Bowser and found herself in his scaly clutches numerous times. She's undergone a few redesigns over the years, and now, a new form is taking over the internet by stealing our hearts. Forget Bowsette, Elephant Peach is here. 

Elephant Peach is stealing Bowser's heart

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is our trippiest Mario game yet, even making Rainbow Road look like a subdued affair. Alongside stretched screens and wiggling Warp Pipes, it's not just the Wonder Flower that turns your typical Mario platformer on its head. 

The Elephant Fruit sees some of your favourite characters get down and chunky, taking on the form of bouncing elephants. To promote Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Nintendo released a video of Bowser trying to woo Peach with a bunch of flowers. When an Elephant Fruit hits her and transforms, Bowser's jaw is (quite literally) on the floor.

Nintendo is cleverly marketing its pachyderms on parade, with the various elephants going viral. Super Mario Bros. Wonder lets Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Toad, and Toadette transform into elephants, but spare a thought for the playable Yoshi and Nabbit - who are left out in the cold.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder players love 'thicc' Elephant Peach

Bowser isn't alone in loving "thicc" Peach, as others soon shared their love of her evolution. One cheered, "When she's afraid to tell you how thicc she is, not knowing you love em thicc," while another added, "Bowser represents us to a tee here, Elephant Peach is beautiful!" Someone else joked, "This is basically the plot of Shrek."

Someone else cheered, "The fact that they could have went with Bowser backing off with Peach chasing him away but chose to make Bowser STILL love Peach, regardless of the change, is such an extremely sweet/wholesome thing of him to do. Get yourself somebody like Bowser here." 

We've already covered the love for Elephant Mario, but his fan-favourite status is in danger of being toppled by Elephant Peach. Here's hoping we get more elephant-style reveal videos. Also, where's our Elephant Boswer at? 

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