Super Mario Bros. Wonder cheat makes you immortal

Super Mario Bros. Wonder cheat makes you immortal
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Joseph Kime


24th Oct 2023 17:10

Few things are truly constant in this world - but one of them is that if Mario has a 2D adventure, there's a way to crank yourself from three to ninety-nine lives in the blink of an eye.

We saw this as early as the first instalment in the series with the shell-jump trick, lodging a Koopa shell between the final brick staircase of a level and Mario's feet to rack up lives in the most straightforward manner, and it's a tradition that has lasted forever.

Now, it looks like we're going back to basics thanks to a new technique appearing in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. If you know what to do, you can become a practically unkillable Goomba-stomping machine.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder cheat is dishing out infinite lives

Super Mario Bros. Wonder fans have discovered a brand-new way to utilise the mechanics of the game to garner infinite lives, giving them free rein to fail in the adorable platformer. Just like old times, you're going to be doing it with the help of some Koopa Troopas.

To line the cheat itself up, you'll need to go to the second area in World 2, Fluff-Puff Peaks, and head slightly to your right. You'll see a warp pipe and a single brick - and you'll want to bring some Koopas along with you, at least four.

Once they're trapped between the brick and the warp pipe, you can use Yoshi's flutter ability to jump from one Koopa to the next, giving them enough time to cycle out of their shell form and come back to life. Bounce around on top of all four for a while, and you'll notice that you'll get a free 1-Up mushroom every time you do so. Easy.

Will Nintendo patch the Infinite Life cheat?

Mario with a standee in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.
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The nice thing about this is that Nintendo probably doesn't mind this kind of thing. The history of 2D Mario games is peppered with little tricks like this, and though it's slightly more complicated than others, it still counts as a simple cheat.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder's infinite lives cheat is ultimately harmless, so we hope it'll be left this way. We'll have to wait and see, as we could be forced to say goodbye, so make the most of grabbing those green shrooms while you can. Things look good for now, so cheat away.

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