Super Mario Wonder brings back iconic Luigi meme

Super Mario Wonder brings back iconic Luigi meme
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9th Oct 2023 12:34

Luigi sure has a tough time, doesn't he? As the younger brother of Mario, he's often struggled to step out of the portly plumber's shadow. While we've all enjoyed the Luigi's Mansion games, Luigi is usually relegated to the sidelines as Mario takes centre stage. 

Luigi was nowhere to be found in Super Mario 64 - although he was eventually discovered in the game's source code - but now, he's getting his sweet vengeance. We've glimpsed Luigi's darker side thanks to his "death stare" meme, with it making its return in the upcoming Super Mario Wonder.

Luigi's death stare meme returns for Super Mario Wonder

Super Mario Wonder is something of a big deal, with many praising it as the most inventive platformer to grace the series. More than being your classic 2D Mario outing, Super Mario Wonder is a trippy adventure that includes everything from Drill Mario to Elephant Mario.

With Super Mario Wonder just around the corner, fans in the USA have been trying things out early thanks to demo booths at Target stores. An unexpected reveal of the Super Mario Wonder demo is that Luigi looks pressed, like really pressed. 

It's been nearly a decade since Luigi's death stare went viral in Mario Kart 8, with the enraged racer taking out his anger on his fellow competitors. Now, he's back and looking even more disgruntled in Super Mario Wonder. Maybe he's mad that it's not called Super Mario Bros. Wonder. 

Angry Luigi goes viral

Elephant Luigi Super Mario Wonder
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We doubt that Nintendo made Luigi angry on purpose or that Mario's mad sibling is there as a nod to Mario Kart 8, but still, he's gone viral for his furious face. One fan said, "The two sides of Luigi: scared and pissed as f**k."

Another added, "The way Luigi stands in this picture is literally the most thug-gangster ass-sh*t like holy hell it's so badass," and a third said, "He’s always mad. LIKE BRO HAVE FUN!!!" Apparently, Luigi and Mario share a lot of the same poses in Super Mario Wonder, suggesting both of them are raging about something.

Super Mario Wonder has a slew of playable characters to get to grips with, adding the likes of Princess Daisy and Yoshi to the mix. To be honest, we're just happy we're able to play as Nabbit. As for angry Luigi, we're guessing he's mad that there's no Luigi's Mansion 4.

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