Super Mario Bros. Movie McDonald's Collab Leaked Early

Super Mario Bros. Movie McDonald's Collab Leaked Early
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Tom Chapman


5th Dec 2022 11:32

For some of us who are old enough, you'll remember how McDonald's used to be peak '90s. Dashing into the PlayPlace while hyped up on E-numbers, having inhaled chicken nuggets and Szechuan dipping sauce.

A big part of our nostalgia for these days was the Happy Meal toys. Whether it was MulanHercules, or The Lion King, the Disney renaissance and Maccies went hand in hand. Now, it's Universal's turn with The Super Mario Bros. Movie

What Is The McDonald's X Super Mario Bros. Movie Crossover?

We hope you're hungry because it looks like we're off to the Mushroom Kingdom with McDonald's. Ahead of The Super Mario Bros. Movie's release on April 7, the golden arches are cashing in on all its hype.

As revealed on Twitter, a Japanese flier seemingly confirms the collaboration. Here, we see adorable toys for Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Bowser, Donkey Kong, and a cheerful Luma.

There will be three phases to the collaboration, with four toys released between December 23 and December 29, and a second batch between December 30 and January 5. You'll have your work cut out for you if you want to nab all eight.

Will All Countries Have A Mario Movie Collaboration?

It's currently unclear whether the tie-in is just limited to Japan or it will expand to other locations. However, given the popularity of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, we'd be surprised if there isn't a global rollout.

Remember, our first look at Chris Pratt's Mario leaked via McDonald's, and back then, it wasn't tied to Japan. Still, it remains to be seen exactly what kind of promo we'll get elsewhere.

McDonald's and Mario have a long and lucrative relationship, with Happy Meal toys going all the way back to the release of the Super Mario Bros. 3 video game in 1990.

More recently, there was a Mario Kart crossover in March 2022, so your collection of Mario McDonald's toys should be in good company when the movie collab launches. 

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