Mario Oreos are being scalped for stupid amounts

Mario Oreos are being scalped for stupid amounts
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Joseph Kime


27th Jun 2023 17:10

Though it was true even before it was announced, the release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie has made the Mushroom Kingdom and its denizens a marketing powerhouse.

It seems that people can't get enough of Mario right now, with his big screen appearance capturing the imaginations of millions and the reveal of Super Mario RPG Remastered and Super Mario Bros. Wonder reigniting our love of the plumber for the die-hards.

It seems that merchandising for the Mario franchise has never been bigger - and it's so big, many are getting scalped over a bunch of Oreos. No, really.

Scalpers are snatching up Super Mario Oreos

That didn't take long. Mario has now become such a popular mascot that, mere moments after the pre-order launch of the Super Mario Bros. Oreo cookies (which is insane in itself), scalpers were already blasting them onto eBay at extortionate prices.

The Oreos themselves boast 16 different designs that relate to the Mushroom Kingdom, so it's no shock that fans are into it. Still, the mere fact that packs are selling for between $30 and $40 is enough to prove that this product is one that could be pretty hard to get for a retail price beyond its pre-orders. But it gets worse.

Super Mario Oreos are listed for $75

An eBay listing of Super Mario Oreos, with an asking price of $71.
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In a sadly unsurprising turn, one seller claims to have three packs of the special Oreos, and is making an attempt to sell them for $75 per pack. The sad thing is, they're likely to get away with it too (though it's not likely anyone will choose them over the cheaper ones, and it'll be a last-ditch effort for collectors).

It's pretty intense out there for Oreo fans, and we wouldn't want to be them right about now. It's a sad look into the world of scalpers, and even when it comes to something that seems as inconsequential as Oreos, it seems fans will shell out whatever it takes.

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