Mario Wonder’s Elephant Mario merch comes with a catch

Mario Wonder’s Elephant Mario merch comes with a catch
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Joseph Kime


20th Oct 2023 16:45

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is finally here, and it might even be better than we were hoping. The game isn't messing around and has already dominated review aggregation sites - dominating even Spider-Man 2.

Even if you haven't played Super Mario Bros. Wonder yet, you'll know just how impressive a feat that is. The creativity of 2D Mario games is finally back, and it's back with one hell of a bang.

Now, players are turning to Nintendo's immense marketing push for the adorable platformers - and there's one merch item that everyone seems to want. However, they're probably going to have to wait for it.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder's plush elephant is amazing

The merch line for Super Mario Bros. Wonder has finally touched down, and as you'd expect, there was one thing that fans were holding out for - the Elephant Mario plush toy. It's finally here, and wowie zowie, it really is something.

The big fella comes in at 26cm tall and 14cm wide, and it actually only comes in at ¥3,300, which equates to about $22/£18. 

It's a charming reflection of the bizarre creativity of the platformer, but sadly, it does come with something of a caveat. If you think Elephant Mario is the perfect Christmas present, prepare to be disappointed. 

We're going to have to wait until January to own the big boy

Mario using the Elephant power-up in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.
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If you want to get your hands on the elephant Mario plush, you're probably going to have to wait, as the toy won't be officially released outside of Japan until next year.

We'll have to hold off until January to bring Elephant Mario, and while it's a bummer, if the game gets the box office blast it deserves, we'll definitely be willing to put the cash on the table then. In the meantime, we'll just have to suffer without him by our side. 

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