Nintendo culls Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s swearing flowers

Nintendo culls Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s swearing flowers
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Megan Cooke


19th Oct 2023 17:37

Nintendo has been quick to take action against leaked videos of Super Mario Bros. Wonder gameplay.

The clamp down on content includes a video showing a mod which makes the flowers swear at Mario and his friends.

Someone has already created a mod which makes the Mario Wonder flowers swear



Super Mario Bros. Wonder is reportedly surprisingly easy to mod as it uses the same formats used in Tears of the Kingdom. This means most of the necessary tools already exist.

Modder Contendo decided to create a mod which makes the flowers in the game swear at Mario, Luigi and the gang.



“What a nice talking flower in Super Mario Bros Wonder, I wonder what words he'll say to welcome me!” Contendo wrote, alongside a now deleted video.

The flowers, it turns out, say rather rude things like “F**k you!”

Nintendo has taken action against videos posted of the mod



Unsurprisingly, given that the game itself isn’t actually out yet, Nintendo has been quick to remove any videos of the game.

This includes modded videos like the one by Contendo and another Undertale-themed flower mod by teesammods.

In response to the post being removed, Contendo tweeted: “The Talking Flower found the tweet...”

While Nintendo have previously attempted to take videos down, sometimes unsuccessfully, it is likely the unreleased nature of the game that is helping them get content removed.

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