Nintendo patent hints at the future of the Pokemon franchise

Nintendo patent hints at the future of the Pokemon franchise
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Joseph Kime


21st Nov 2023 16:25

It's clear the long-running Pokemon series has changed plenty over the years, with many spin-offs and tangents taking the franchise pretty far from its turn-based RPG roots.

All we have to do is look as far as Hey You, Pikachu! and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon to see that, so far, the series has spanned a huge host of genres. It doesn't look to be slowing down any time soon, with the recent Detective Pikachu Returns proving that story-led mysteries remain in the wheelhouse of the gaming giant.

Now, it looks like more change could be on the horizon for Pokemon, and it concerns specifically how we look after those adorable Pocket Monsters. 

Nintendo has new plans for how we take care of our Pokemon

A Pokemon PC filled with sprites of the first 30 Pokemon of the original Pokédex.
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It sounds like big changes are on the way we store Pokemon across games are on the way, as a new patent from Nintendo has indicated that data could be on the menu for a fix-up.

The patent was spotted by XFire and is titled "Content Holding System, Storage Medium and Content Holding Server." It indicates that there is a new means for storing Pokemon on the way.

Up until now, players have been using the likes of Pokemon Home to keep their beasties safe, but hopefully, a new and more accessible means of keeping an eye on what your Pokemon are up to in their PCs is on the way.

What does the CHS mean for Pokemon?

A diagram showing some of the barriers of entry for Pokemon Home.
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It might seem vague right now, and that's pretty predictable when it comes to a mere patent title - but there's a chance we could be in for more of an immersive PC experience.

The idea is that the Content Holding System will act as a "common area" that has universal data for the Pokemon species, moves, EXP, and more. There are also "inherent areas" which store game-specific attributes and memories. Basically, a Kanto Pikachu could easily become a Paldean Pikachu if used in Scarlet & Violet. 

The patent appears to offer more intricate stat tracking, meaning that we could be able to say farewell to the restrictions that keep some Pokemon from transferring to certain games, and without the moves they'd inherited from their home titles.

Pokemon Home is plagued with frustrating barriers to entry, and whatever this patent indicates, it could point towards a future without these problems. It looks like our Pokemon are about to get a new daycare.

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