New streaming platform 'Kick' under fire as streamers are appearing in the buff

New streaming platform 'Kick' under fire as streamers are appearing in the buff
Kick | Twitch @Trainwreckstv

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Jack Marsh


28th Dec 2022 11:25

Whenever a newcomer flocks in to try and join Twitch and YouTube atop their twin palaces on streamer rock, they almost always get sent tumbling back down the steps they climbed up.

Think Mixer, for example. The promising console-orientated viewing platform that threw bags and bags of cash at streamers like Tyler "Ninja" Blevins and Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek, only lasted a mere few months before being bailed out by a now non-existent Facebook Gaming.

Now we have a new challenger: Kick. Founded by colossal streamer Tyler "Trainwrecks" Faraz Niknam, Kick is pledging to be much more streamer-friendly in terms of finances, as opposed to the 'predatory' Twitch. Yet, just weeks after its launch, the platform is under fire.

Kick platform appears to allow streamers to be in the buff

After a somewhat rocky opening, Kick has begun attracting a few medium-sized streamers to the platform, gaining thousands of viewers. Yet one of those streamers, "Suspendas", has now placed Trainwrecks and his team in trouble, after it is alleged that on more than one occasion that he's had intimate relations with a prostitute whilst live, even appearing completely nude on air. 

The allegations come after supposed clips and screenshots have circulated on social media.

This provocative content would be banned on Twitch, however, Kick has been silent on the matter, reportedly refusing to ban the streamer. The site does make Suspendas' viewers agree to an NSFW notice, though.

Kick under fire after lack of bans for nudity

Despite the allegations, neither Trainwrecks or Kick's team have spoken up on the matter. Their community guidelines, however, state that anything "containing nudity, are pornographic, or depict sexual activity, actual or simulated," is prohibited, although an 18+ tag allows for "excessive profanity". 

Some fans have also taken up arms against Trainwrecks himself, who has been very vocal about Twitch's policy against sexual content, specifically the Hot Tub meta. "Love how Trainwreckstv goes streamers being able to show their cleavage and not get banned, but he moves to a platform where it is a regular sight to see porn, and it doesn't get banned," one fan said on Twitter.

Suspendas also streams often with Paul "Ice Poseidon" Denino, on Kick, whose notorious reputation for having a toxic fan base saw him be banned from Twitch a few years back after an incident occurred when a fan 'swatted' his plane journey with a fake bomb scare, something that Twitch said they would not advocate.

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