New Pokemon Trailer Shows Off Brock's Return To The Franchise

New Pokemon Trailer Shows Off Brock's Return To The Franchise
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24th Jan 2022 11:20

Guess who's back in the house? Giving Ash Ketchum a blast from the past, the fan-favourite Brock is returning to the long-running Pokemon anime. The rock-loving gym leader from Pewter City is reuniting with his old pals for an upcoming cartoon crossover.

We've previously covered the idea of the Pokemon multiverse, and now, Nintendo is bringing its Pocket Monster franchise together under one umbrella. With the anime still going strong, there's an upcoming collaboration with Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Why Is Brock Coming Back To Pokemon?

Over the years, Ash has had plenty of travelling companions. For many though, forget about Iris and Cilan, or even Goh, Dawn, and May, the original team of Brock and Misty are the GOATs. While Misty's departure from the regular lineup was a major turning point of the anime, it was Brock that left us sobbing like Pikachu at stone Ash.

While Brock has been a staple of the cartoons and left on several occasions, his most recent parting has been a seemingly permanent one. Thankfully, a new trailer for the four-part Arceus crossover brings Brock into the fold. Coming to Amazon Prime in Japan to coincide with Arceus' release, Ash, Goh, and the returning Dawn are reunited with Brock as they all cross paths with the mythical Arceus.

Given Arceus' place at the start of the Pokemon timeline, it was always going to be hard to fit a crossover with Feudal Sinnoh into the story, but we did it. Time travel has already been featured in Pokemon Journeys, and by the looks of the trailer, Ash will be sporting some Hisuian robes.

Will Brock Stick Around In Pokemon?

The trailer is suitably action-packed. As well as Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf featuring prominently, it looks like Team Galactic is back causing trouble, while a Heatran-inspired Pokemon is burning the land to a crisp. With so many foes, it makes sense that Ash is calling on Brock for a little help. 

Unfortunately, it's likely Brock is only sticking for the special. We last left him as a Pokemon Doctor, so he's far too busy saving Pokelives to stick around a bunch of teenagers. If we've learned one thing over the years though, it's that Brock will probably be back at some point in the future. Well, that's assuming Arceus doesn't brutally murder him.


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