Nadeshot Opens Up About 'Regretting' Leaving OpTic To Form 100 Thieves

Nadeshot Opens Up About 'Regretting' Leaving OpTic To Form 100 Thieves
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Jack Marsh


31st Aug 2022 15:22

Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag will forever be a part of the Call of Duty history books following his time on OpTic Gaming. He might not have cemented a playing legacy with a world championship title, but he was arguably the most influential player on the scene - alongside OpTic sensation Seth "Scump" Abner.

Having once been one of the most successful streamers on YouTube and Twitch, Nadeshot has since gone on to leave his OpTic roots behind to found 100 Thieves. 

Despite the success of 100 Thieves though, Nadeshot has revealed he regretted leaving OpTic for quite some time.

Nadeshot Claims He Regretted Leaving OpTic

Amid an online row with former 100 Thieves content creator Erind "Froste" Puka surrounding work ethic and payment (among other things), Nadeshot spent some time detailing why he regretted leaving OpTic when he did.

The successful esports entrepreneur took to a stream to hit back on claims of founding a "predatory" organisation from Froste, and detailed that it was his work ethic that let him down and resulted in financial difficulties. This then prompted Nadeshot to reflect on the morals of OpTic and what he built on the back of hard work.

"I left OpTic and regretted that for a long time. Not because I wasn't making enough money but because spent so much time building something up with some of my closest friends. I let money cloud my judgement," he added.


Nadeshot reflects on OpTic Work Ethic Amid Froste Drama

Nadeshot left OpTic to pursue making his own way and trying to set up his own team within the esports landscape, which has since blossomed into 100 Thieves. But, he claimed that none of this was possible without the grind during his OpTic days, something which he claimed wasn't reflected by Froste.

"We were up every day in the master bedroom of the content house, stacked five heads deep on fold-out tables and chairs, streaming 12 hours a day. You finish your stream, get off, upload a YouTube video, go to sleep, wake up, and you do it again. Every f***ing day. Because I wasn't going back to f***ing McDonald's and community college."

The outburst came following details that Froste and The Mob didn't work hard enough to afford to live in Los Angeles while under the 100 Thieves banner.

For Nadeshot, he has already inspired a generation of gamers from the Call of Duty scene specifically to continue loving esports, and it's clear that if you join 100 Thieves, you must be bringing that same dynamic to the table.

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