Modern Warfare Season 4 will be upon us soon, but what needs to change in Warzone? We look at overpowered RPGs and a new Warzone map.

18:00, 07 May 2020

Modern Warfare Season 4 will soon be upon us, and with this we expect Warzone to have a few changes. But what do we love about the current season, and what need to change in Modern Warfare Season 4?

We already know what you’re thinking… fix the servers and get rid of the hackers, right? This article won’t dive into the aggravating, abhorrent mess that is the servers, and the universal hatred for hackers. Instead, we will be looking at the dynamics of the game, including the map, the Gulag, and the weapons.

Change – Gulag Flashbangs

Recently, Pistols and Shotguns were removed from the Gulag, with fully auto SMGs and ARs coming in as a replacement. This has gone down pretty well within the community, although some miss one-tapping a player to the skull with the Deagle. Many feel it has levelled the playing field to a straight-up 1v1 where movement is key and has been a good addition Until you get stunned. What is the point of the Gulag if you spend 10 seconds of it with a white screen? Flashbangs and Stuns being removed would create a much more balanced gunfight. Smoke grenades allow players to make quick escapes and good pushes, and are a god addition, and Snapshot grenades could come in as a good replacement if they are nerfed to only reveal the position of a player for a mere second.

Change – Game Modes

Dataminers have found that there are many playlists that are in the pipeline for Warzone, and we hope some of these are implemented. In recent Call of Duty news, Activision finally added duos (thank god), which had completed the variety of team sizes available but some variety to the standard Battle Royale game would keep players entertained in Modern Warfare Season 4. Some of the following look to be introduced.

Bring Your Own Loadout mode would be a good inclusion to the game, although only having one loadout for the whole game will limit the diversity of your stylistics. Those who use snipers at early game and switch to Assault Rifles at later times would either have to give up Ghost in favour of overkill or adapt to just one style of play. A lack of ghost will mean more people on the mini-map, or more people with ghost using horrible secondaries like RPG’s, which leads us to our next point...

Change – RPG’s

A one-shot kill with a full plate of armour is pretty ridiculous. These need nerfing at the earliest opportunity, as there is nothing more frustrating than racking up ten plus kills, just to be killed by somebody sitting in the roof of a building pre-aiming the stairs with an RPG. There needs to be scope for some slight elements of gun-play, as after all, that is what Call of Duty is all about. Nerfing RPG’s to at least a two-shot kill will give people chance to survive campers and have better and more engaging gun-fights in Modern Warfare Season 4. RPGs are also used to destroy vehicles, and whilst their power should be nerfed, in terms of vehicles, they are very effective and shouldn’t change too much in that aspect.

Keep – The Map (ish)

Verdansk is set to stay after there had been some suspicion of a change to somewhere in Urzikstan. The Easter-European map has a bit of everything for everyone, from aggressive players in open areas to the roof-top sweats, but ultimately players are still getting to grips with Verdansk, and haven't had the full experience, a move away would not benefit Warzone. Small changes such as the rumour of the Dam blowing up could add a new dynamic to Verdansk, but we're glad it's staying.

Keep – Loadout Options

Over the previous season, we have seen the Loadout Drops become increasingly expensive, but heading into Modern Warfare Season 4, they seem to have got it right. The $10,000 for a Loadout has found a good balance for players to get their chosen weapons and having an engaging opening to the games. The loot on the floor has become increasingly ‘standard’ which is definitely a good thing in early games. Having a range of uncommon guns gives players the chance to experience different styles of gunfights without being quickly overpowered. They have got the balance of weapons perfect and shouldn’t mess with this in the future.

Keep – Vehicles

Controversial I know. In a recent Call of Duty update, helicopters were indefinitely removed from Warzone, leaving just the ground vehicles as modes of quick transportation. They may not be one of the flashiest stylistics of the game, but they are definitely one of the most essential. They are overpowered in how much damage they cause in GTA-styled hit and runs, but they allow people to move in from the storm without being caught and therefore are vital to the game. It would be unfair to remove these altogether, removing the utility of players who aren’t blessed with perfect positioning as the circle moves in.

Obviously, we'll keep playing Warzone no matter what they do with it, but in an ideal world, these would make Warzone the perfect Battle-Royale game. 

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