After being pulled two days in, Al-Raab Airbase and Drainage are coming back.

15:22, 14 Apr 2021

Modern Warfare fans were left red-faced after Infinity Ward dangled a new shiny carrot in front of their hungry mouths and yanked it away before the taste could bounce off their teeth. The developers added two brand-new maps to the game after not even a slither of an update in months, but decided to reverse their decision just days later. 

Coming in at the same time as the Call of Duty: 4 remastered map "Killhouse", "Al Raab Airbase" and "Drainage" lasted just two days in the game before being yanked back into their cage - except for in Private Matches. 

However, it does appear that the starving Modern Warfare fan base will be treated again, sooner rather than later. Both Al-Raab Airbase and Drainage have been confirmed to be returning by the devs, who took to Twitter to inform a confused squabble of CoD fans.

What are the new Modern Warfare maps?

IW claimed that the maps "aren’t quite ready" for the limelight, with a little for tummy-loving-care needed. 

Killhouse has remained in the game, boasting its own 24/7 playlist which has gone down like a hot beverage on a cold winters day - desperately needed and soothing whilst leaving a burning sensation in your stomach. With a void in new content, the map has been both praised and criticised, although there are too many opinions for a one-fits-all cup of tea that pleases everyone.


With the removal of the maps, it has also begged the question of "where are the unreleased weapons?" 

The Sykov pistol has been showcased many times in Warzone alongside the CX-9 SMG, both of which are now nowhere to be seen.

With no news on the weapons or a date for the maps reinstalment, a betting man or woman may hedge their bets towards the same date as Warzone Season 3 launches: April 21.


For now though, stay frosty, soldiers.



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Image via Activision

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