Al-Raab Airbase and Drainage have been removed after just a week on Modern Warfare

15:49, 09 Apr 2021

For all of its differences, Modern Warfare has retained a huge player base, evident by the extremely tight poll ran by YouTube Gaming on Twitter. The 2019 Call of Duty instalment, whilst hated by many competitive players, has been a paradise for a casual audience, epitomised by 44% of votes on said poll favouring the previous title to the current Black Ops Cold War.

Discluding Warzone, the Modern Warfare audience has remained at large, as many players continue the grind for Damascus

The game developed by the beloved Infinity Ward recently received its first update in months, with the addition of two brand-new maps and one forgotten gem pulled out of the archives bag. Al-Raab Airbase and Drainage came as exclusively fresh content, whereas Killhouse was dredged from the pits of Call of Duty 4.

However, after only a week in rotation, both Al-Raab Airbase and Drainage have been pulled from the game.


The new maps faced removal from Modern Warfare without any announcement from Infinity Ward or Activision, with no accompanying explanation. Players who may have begun to enjoy the different landscapes quickly figured out that they'd both been removed from the rotation, although they persist in Private Matches.


The mysterious purge was papered over by a 24/7 Killhouse playlist, as the tiny 6v6 mania looked to reclaim some of its former glory. Following the success of Shoot House and Shipment, the miniature SMG haven has proved a testing distraction from some underlying problems with the new content. 

With no explanation comes no further details as to whether either of the maps may find their way back into the game. As Activision tilt their eyes towards both Warzone Season 3 and the production of Call of Duty WWII: Vanguard, it may be a while before Modern Warfare devotees may be treated by their return.



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Image via Activision

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