Modern Warfare 2 makes a fan-favourite LTM a permanent mode

Modern Warfare 2 makes a fan-favourite LTM a permanent mode
Images via Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


8th Jun 2023 17:15

Having seen a range of Limited Time Modes (LTMs) being added to Modern Warfare 2 since the heavily-criticised live service model has come into play, fans have continued to express their anger when they randomly get removed.

Playlists such as Shoot the Ship and Ground War Infected have been more than apt in keeping players entertained. But, with some modes being added and removed on a rotational basis, one is now being made as a permanent fixture.

10v10 Moshpit is becoming a permanent game mode in Modern Warfare 2

With many multiplayer maps suffering from being "too big" for the usual 6v6 gameplay, Modern Warfare 2 players were happy to see the introduction of a 10v10 Moshpit in Season 2 - making these larger maps much more densely populated with action.

With 10v10 Shoot House being added into the rotation for the final week of MW2 Season 3, Infinity Ward has now revealed that the increased lobby size will be permanently added in Season 4.

"10v10 will be joining the Quickplay options with Season 04 next week," said the team on Twitter. This will see players always being able to enjoy the bigger team-based game modes, with it likely serving as a Moshpit for TDM, Domination, and Kill Confirmed.

More large-scale game modes are coming to Modern Warfare 2

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On top of a permanent 10v10 game mode will be some more large-scale game modes, with 12v12 Search and Destroy, and 12v12 Prisoner Rescue coming into rotation.

These round-based game modes will be played on the larger core maps like El Asilo and Taraq, and will be added as LTMs. Unfortunately, they will not be permanent and will be rotated throughout the season.

So, it seems like a great time for those Call of Duty fans who crave danger and action, as there will be no hiding from the fire in Season 4.

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