10v10 Moshpit added to Modern Warfare 2 and fans are loving it

10v10 Moshpit added to Modern Warfare 2 and fans are loving it
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9th Mar 2023 13:53

"Chaos isn't a pit. Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some, are given a chance to climb." - Petyr "Littefinger" Baelish

Chaos has erupted in Modern Warfare 2 and fans are loving it, as a new game mode has arrived in the rotation.

Building on top of the standard 6v6 multilayer experience, the developers have now added a "community playlist" which has upped the player count to fit the oversized maps.

Modern Warfare 2 adds a 10v10 Moshpit Playlist

With many of Modern Warfare 2's maps having a lot of unused space, making them quite unviable and boring, fans have been quite vocal about getting a playlist with more people to shoot.

Now, coming under the tag of "Community Voted," a 10v10 Moshpit has been added, giving 20-player lobbies a chance to enjoy TDM, Kill Confirmed, and Domination on the medium-large maps.

The MW2 game mode was added alongside Infected and a revisited approach to the Warzone Ashika Island map after some questionable lobby sizes slipped through the net.

MW2 fans thrilled with new 10v10 Mohpit

With the new 10v10 Moshpit being added, fans have instantly enjoyed the increased chaos and have already taken to social media to finally be joyful about the game.

"Huge difference. This is what most people wanted: fast pace. The game is so much more fun," added another Redditor.

Maps such as the recently-added Museum, El Asilo, Crown Raceway, and Taraq have suited this new squad size, although Santa Sena hasn't been as successful with the mono-laned map being a spawn-trap simulator. 

Unfortunately, it's likely that this Moshpit might become a victim of the rotation system in place, as it came in place of Gun Game, and will likely be removed in a week or two in favour of another party game.

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