Ground War Infected game mode is being hailed by MW2 fans

Ground War Infected game mode is being hailed by MW2 fans
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Jack Marsh


7th Apr 2023 11:38

It's being bigged-up to be Call of Duty's best-ever update. Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 3 is just around the corner, and after a disappointing start to life in this new era, a huge array of changes and content are aiming to self-revive the franchise.

Although Warzone is taking up a large bulk of the Season 3 content - given that Ranked is arriving for the first time in four years and there's a massive influx of well-needed quality-of-life balances - Modern Warfare 2 isn't being left behind like usual.

Instead, MW2 is getting quite a lot of updates too. In particular, one new game mode is already winning fans over. 

MW2 Season 3 will introduce the new Ground War Infected mode

Players familiar with the party games list in Call of Duty will be quite familiar with the concept of Infected. The game mode consists of taking the guns away from one player in the lobby, who then needs to kill (or "infect") as many players as possible with a knife or throwing knife.

The newly infected then join the de-weaponised team until all everyone joins the infected team or the time runs out. However, while the mode is usually played in lobbies of 24 players, Season 3's Ground War variant can now host 50.

The Call of Duty Blog confirmed the mode will be released mid-way through the season, where they've noted it might be quite the haven for players wanting to get their first-ever nuke.

MW2 players are loving the new game modes in Season 3

Gunfight is already benefiting MW2 fans who favour small game modes, but now, a new game mode has been hailed for large-party players and those who like a bit of fun.

"This will actually be fun", "That sounds like a banger", and, "This season just keeps getting better," are some of the most popular comments on social media. With many fans appreciating the innovation, we're hoping it could be the dawn of a new era for the CoDverse.

The game mode will take five weeks to get ready after Season 3 starts, but it's nice to know that even more post-launch content will be available after the developers release a lot of the healthy changes to Call of Duty in Season 3.

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