MW2 Fans Are Already Mourning Shipment’s Removal

MW2 Fans Are Already Mourning Shipment’s Removal
Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


12th Jan 2023 16:07

We knew Shipment was popular, but by no means did we realise that players would mourn the loss of its playlist just one day after its removal.

The miniature Call of Duty map has been a clear franchise favourite, having been in six different titles throughout the series - most recently being remastered again for Modern Warfare 2.

However popular it may have seemed, nobody could have predicted how distraught fans are now its dedicated playlist has been axed, and its status has been returned to that of a normal multiplayer map.

Shipment Playlist Removed From Modern Warfare 2

After it arrived in December, Shipment has been a permanent fixture in the game, with players having 24/7 exclusive access to the map through a range of playlists.

With the end of Shipmas - the holiday season-inspired gloss over of Shipment- the base map was then added into its own playlist again, giving uninterrupted chaos to multiplayer. But not anymore. As of January 11, the developers have removed Shipment's playlist.

It makes way for a Shoot House-only playlist, but the head-camp central map has not been as successful as its first venture into the series in 2019.

MW2 Fans Mourn Shipment Playlist

Following its silent removal, fans began to take to social media to express their frustration. Some thought that Shoot The Ship (Shoot House and Shipment only) would arrive to at least bridge the gap.

Some have taken it harder than others. One Redditor said, "Man... Shipment 24/7 is where I spent my time after work when I didn't have any of my friends on for Warzone and didn't have a lot of time for DMZ antics. This is a bummer..."

An angrier gamer added, "We really spent $70-$100 just to play f*****g Shipment and Shoot House again, 3 years later." A third concluded, "IW operate on the rule of 'If they're having too much fun, get rid of it."

The map hasn't been deleted, though, and will now serve its purpose in the usual playlists. Most players used Shipment for a camo-grinding simulator, given the nature of having many more engagements in comparison to other maps.

Well, at least you can get your longshots in, and Infinity Ward will probably give you Shipment 24/7 back in Season 2. 

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