The Akimbo Snake Shot Pistols are lethal on Modern Warfare Multiplayer and Warzone, here's how to unlock them.

17:45, 30 Apr 2020

The Akimbo Snake Shot pistols in Modern Warfare have become one of the most infuriating, but also appeasing, weapons on Modern Warfare, depending on which side of the barrels you’re stood on. No doubt you have come across them either in multiplayer or Warzone, and have been completely obliterated by them; the akimbo Snake Shot pistols are somewhat, dare I say, overpowered. With the ability to kill a person in two rounds with a full plate of armour on in Warzone, there’s no better weapon for close-range confrontations. But as a weapon that you have not normally been using, you may be struggling to figure out how to unlock them. Here’s how to unlock the Akimbo Snake Shot pistols in Modern Warfare, and our Call of Duty tips on the best Akimbo Snake Shot loadouts.

Akimbo Snake Shot .357
They quickly outgun the MP7 on Warzone

How to unlock the akimbo Snake Shot pistols.

The Akimbo Snake Shot pistols are a variant of the .357 pistol (or the magnum/revolver), which can be a pretty heavy hitter on its own but doesn’t fare well in the fire rate department. However, with the Snake Shot rounds and Akimbo, this rather ordinary pistol becomes monstrous in the power department. But to unlock the Snake Shot rounds you’ll have to get your .357 to level 29. This will then unlock the attachment in the ‘ammunition’ section of the weapons gunsmith. To the unlock the Akimbo Snake Shot’s, you’ll have to get 3 kills without dying 5 times with the .357 with the recon perk attached, which can only be unlocked by reaching level 36. This means you’ll have to grind out using the .357 to level it up.

The best Akimbo Snake Shot loadout and attachments

The Akimbo perk and Snake Shot ammunition will take up two of your attachments, but you will still have three more to equip. Here’s our guide to the most effective.

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  • Perk – Akimbo
  • Ammunition – Snake Shot
  • Trigger – Lightweight Trigger
  • Laser – 5mW Laser
  • Barrel - .357 Long

The Lightweight Trigger will increase your fire rate, allowing for less time between shots, which allows these guns to decimate opponents before they can react. The Akimbo perk removes the ability to have a grip, therefore players have opted for a laser sight to help with accuracy, the best option being the 5mW as it has a longer range than the 1mW, but isn’t as visible as the green lasers you will sometimes see. The final attachment, the .357 Long barrel, will increase the range of these weapons, making them devastating at longer distances.

How best to level up your .357

The original .357 generally takes 2 rounds to kill someone on core, so unless you have the accuracy and patience to get kills with these, head to hardcore. A less popular mode, granted, but hardcore game modes turn a regular .357 into a one-shot kill, which is a much more effective way to get kills without dying so many times you lose the will to live yourself. Objective-based modes will be best as you can stealthily sneak up on people from close range, but if you fancy yourself as a western cowboy gunslinger, it remains a one-shot kill across maps so you can take teams on from the front.


Once you have levelled up and unlocked both Snake Shot rounds and the Akimbo Perk, you’ll have created the most OP weapon on the game, enjoy the rage of many enemies, and expect an explicit message if you slay with them in Warzone.

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